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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Reefback Wreckers almost full

I've got almost all the designs I wanted to add to the Wreckers (and more!), so I'm going to be a tad more picky about what they get.

As it stands, I'm looking to get hold of designs for the following:
  • Some small-ish flyers. Wreckers need some (mediocre and made of junk) fighters.
  • A replacement for the Flying Corensian, which is currently a modification of the Volley. This should be a wooden sailing ship hoisted into the air by big ugly dediblade systems.
  • An old-fashioned ironclad. This can use direct-feed APS, CRAMs, or something else entirely, but should be slow, unshielded, and slightly resemble a barn roof. If you need inspiration, look up the USS Essex or IJN Kotetsu.
  • Resource bases, HQ, etc.
  • Some sort of submarine similar to the Dark Hammer (i.e. less like a submarine and more like a buoyancy-challenged patrol boat).

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