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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Gaurdian, I've had a look at the four designs you sent.

In the order I looked at them:
Looks the part for a Wrecker design. I've done some tweaking, and it should be integrated once I've got a name for it (since it doesn't look too much like a matchstick any more). It is pretty interesting, and with the possibility of armour buffs this could well be the Wreckers' Coffin Nail. Its secondaries are surprisingly effective against sea-level targets, even though I set them up for anti-air.

This one tends to end up in the water when it attempts a roll turn. Not sure quite why. Also, the missiles could use ejectors for safety.

With a dediblade system fairly visible and missile armaments, this one could fit well with the OWC. The front is a bit too flat, and it could probably lose some armour (replace with alloy) since it'll be relying on shields as an OWC design.

Lightning Thrusterfoil
A pretty solid big brother for the Jetsam (which now has disruptor shells for support usage), I'll be integrating this once I've added some Wrecker aesthetic features (like a figurehead or something).

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