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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Alright, first off:

UAV (I have no name for this as of yet, so since it's a drone I just named it UAV temporarilyTongue )

[Image: 1tIpBRG.jpg]

Designed by Forescythe Industries again, this time however presented to the council even though there was no contract. Impressing them greatly she was put in the production roster. Awaiting combat trials before further production

Speed: 49m/s
Armament: 6x Hot head SRAAM IR (the one's on the Benevolence Mk III)
Max Altitude: 150m

Matchstick (new and improved version):

[Image: 6XdhoOD.jpg]

While out scavenging an engineer found a wrecked ship (big surprise) with massive CRAM cannons and a few small APS cannons aboard. Looking at the wreck he thought to himself: "What would happen if I where to make this fly, and help gain more salvage?" So he hauled the scrap heap back to his workshop, having to fight off every scavenger along the way from stealing his treasure, and began work on his glorious machine of *ahem* 'salvage collecting'. Unfortunately it didn't turn out the way he envisioned it and he was one step away from tearing it apart and selling it, however while in the process of tearing it apart a fellow engineer came and showed him what he could potentially do. Delighted to hear the idea, he quickly implements these changes and before he knows it, he created a death machine! If your under it, then your the one thats dead! If your not, then the person who's manning it is dead (I'm not kidding here).
Speed: 24m/s
Armament: 2 x 290mm composite firing APS
2 x 2000mm CRAM HE
1 x 1645mm CRAM HE
(Fair warning, I have no idea how to make them explode under a target)

Seahawk Multipurpose Strike aircraft:

[Image: vhZHqHW.jpg]

After the success of the Rapier and the Vulture, the Council turned to Forescythe Industries again for a aircraft that combines the capabilities of a fighter aircraft, and a bomber aircraft. Up for the challenge they accepted and hastily built this prototype. Exceeding their highest expectations, they quickly showed it to the Council who have approved of a trial by fire since the war with the Deep Water Guard has been drawn out long enough. The question is, will this make them spend valuable resources on a hunk of junk or will it bring about a new era of aircraft. (I'm kidding of course, the Rapier will always be in my Air Force (it may or may not have kicked the SS aircraft's teeth down it's throat), however it is true that it hasn't been tested yet)
Speed: 59m/s
Armament: 3 x Hothead SRAAM IR (the one's on the Benevolence Mk III)
3 x SeaSerpent SRAAM IR (experimental)

Lightning class Thrusterfoil:

[Image: yeUwl5C.jpg]

After the success of the Jetsam the engineer who made it watched in horror as a few Corensian Monarchy vessels turned two of his beloved creations into scrap! In anger he up-armored his personal Jetsam and put a nice rusty cannon that was taken off of a Old World Coalition design. This will show them that their rightful place is in pieces inside a cargo barge, not the other way around.
Speed: 42m/s
Armament: 8 x Hothead SRAAM IR (I may or may not have added them to a bunch of designs (I like them, they're darn reliable))
1 x Tri-barreled 150mm Composite round cannon (this is the same turret on the Hunter, firing the same rounds I believe)

Attached Files
.blueprint   UAV.blueprint (Size: 54.58 KB / Downloads: 16)
.blueprint   Matchstick Mk I CRAM.blueprint (Size: 132.78 KB / Downloads: 16)
.blueprint   SeaHawk class Fighter.blueprint (Size: 47.88 KB / Downloads: 15)
.blueprint   Lightning class Thrusterfoil.blueprint (Size: 87.68 KB / Downloads: 21)
"If you’re leaving scorch-marks, you need a bigger gun"

"If you're not willing to shell your own position, you're not willing to win."

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