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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-06-14, 05:53 PM)StahlSentinel Wrote: Sidenote: I've had a look at the Vanguard thrusterfoil and noticed the following:
  • No control room. This one isn't intended to be a drone - although the OWC use these heavily, they're more often in a support role to other units.
  • Particle cannon turret is a little out-of-place in the OWC and also blocks the laser designator.
  • Repair tentacles can probably go, but that isn't a final decision - keep 'em just in case, it helps for repairing the drone support.
Apart from that, it's pretty close to what's needed!

Other notes: God Lamb the Onyx Watch Behemoth is a beautiful ship. I almost feel bad about testing the Vanguard on it.

Yea I didn't put one on at the time on accident (got distracted with explosions!), but I've been thinking about an underslung one just to mix things up or go with the one on the Hunter.
K, I can remove it in favor of a rapid fire APS. Just a warning though the Hunter has it too.
Alright, sorry that I keep putting those on. It's kinda my thing to have all support ships have some repair tentacles on it to keep my main ships alive. I'll keep them on for now.

K, good to hear!

Lol, it truly is. That's almost the main reason why I don't test things against it. The other being that most of my designs are slower than these (saying that though, these are becoming a new favorite of mine) so they get blown to bits before they know what's happening.

Also, here's the BP for the Hunter! I believe I'm done with it but I'm not sure (other than the Particle cannon, which I'll remove in the next iteration). I don't believe I actually did say this but the Hunters main cannon is a tri-barreled 150mm capable of firing almost constantly. This is now becoming a favorite weapon of mine (I'm already in the works of retrofitting the Matercula with this cannon).

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.blueprint   Hunter Class Thrusterfoil.blueprint (Size: 179.89 KB / Downloads: 24)
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