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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Build Guidelines for the Corensian Monarchy:
  • Shields not permitted with the exception of small air vehicles (which are slow and vulnerable) and capital ships.
  • Armour should primarily be 2m of metal.
  • Broadsides are the preferred main weapon system of the Monarchy. Even the AA airship has an AA broadside, so turrets should be fairly minimal with the exception of anti-air.
  • By extension, firerates should be fairly low. Hence AA weapons should be timed or altitude flak shells.
  • Paddles should be present on any naval unit, but should be backed up by props and set to turn at a speed that looks more-or-less right with the speed it travels at. Unless we get motor drive for paddles, they're so far below par as a propulsion system it isn't even funny.
  • Bring lots of resource crates. If the ship could pull duty as a cargo ship (and isn't already too low in the water), there's probably sufficient resource storage. Ditto for spares crates.
  • Plenty of repair bots, but keep it reasonable. Repair tentacles are A-OK for support ships, but again keep it reasonable.

There are two schools of design within the Monarchy;
HM Royal Shipyard:
  • Large, imposing designs - either converted galleons or sleek sailing-ship-like paddle steamers.
  • Mainly armed with broadsides and very conventional.

Duke Jorgenson's Manufactory:
  • Vehicles should resemble early experiments in steamships or steampunk ships of some description.
  • Turrets more acceptable here.
  • Ships should by-and-large be smaller than Royal Shipyard ones, but the Manufactory also produces airships and submarines.
  • Airships should essentially be ships held up by dediblade "balloons" and propelled by dediblades - ion thrusters and small jet engines are acceptable for turning. Preferable naval AI for non-bomber airships, since they're mostly broadsiders.

Faction fleet colours will be added via post editing later.

Things the Monarchy could probably use:
  • More HM Royal Shipyard ships.
  • An extra airship or two.

Edit: Examples of both styles can be seen in this thread.

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