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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-06-06, 11:18 PM)Gaurdian23 Wrote:
(2016-06-04, 09:33 PM)StahlSentinel Wrote: I believe the correct term for this is an "intelligence leak" Cool
Joking aside, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I won't be as active as usual, so I can't actively evaluate designs as I'd like to (and can't continue building up the Corensian Monarchy), but I can probably find the time to keep up to date.

Well this will most certainly fall under that category (since once I test it I plan on putting the 'intel leak' without any pictures and with a vague description that'll get the point across) you won't be disappointed Wink. That's ok, I'll still upload them (maybe, I'm still trying to figure out whether keeping them for a while would be better) and be constantly making changes on my end. As it stands I'm finding it hard to get on FtD recently (family problems) so I won't be designing much for a while, also I plan on building something for the Corensian Monarchy. I'm just torn between it being a dedicated anti-air vessel (since they would seem to be susceptible to it) or a Destroyer. What I do know is that I'm gonna attempt to make it paddle based (since I'm the person who draws it out on a graph paper prior to designing lol) but I won't sacrifice too much firepower to do so (current projected armament if Destroyer: 3 Dual 250-300mm ACC (or CRAM's since there still is no fix for ACC cannons, grrr...),4 150mm Dual-purpose ACC (or CRAM's) ,and 4 Dual 45mm Flak ACC. If Anti-Air: 4 Dual 150mm Composite AA ACC, 8 Dual 60mm Flak AA ACC, and potentially a Hothead Missile system (the hotheads are the one's on the Benevolence Mk II) OR a Redeye missile system (Benevolence Mk III what I've come to designate as being an Interceptor (since after messing with it, I've edited the engines to allow for more jet engines)))

If you're thinking of building for the Corensian Monarchy, cannons are preferable, with missiles relegated to anti-missile duty. I'll put up the build guidelines for them in a bit, though I won't be able to get the fleet colour values for a bit.
With the Monarchy's focus on broadsiding though, CRAMs are the preferred weapon system for main guns.

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