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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Alright, got some new toys for ya.

#1. The Vanguard class Drone Thrusterfoil:

[Image: EnKpl7M.jpg]

(Yes that's the Matercula in the background, since I thought she might need a few around to draw the fire)

Initially designed to hold her own against anything the Reefback Wreckers and potentially the Corensian Monarchy could throw against her, however during the designing phase the Head Engineer decided to turn her sights on bigger targets. Perhaps even against the disgusting Venom Lance and their taint that they spread. So he added an experimental weapons system to the back, dubbed: Power cannon (he really wasn't creative with names....). This improved her firepower significantly and allowed a flotilla of three to not only withstand but destroy a Palisade (which was acquired by a shady man..... no one even knows where it came from, he said something about "Onyx Watch" and how it belonged to them, whoever they are. Maybe he has been breathing in too many of the toxic fumes......he might need to be cleansed...). However due to the need to produce as many as these as we can in a short span, the engineer was forced to sacrifice armor meaning that they can be crushed with a single well placed CRAM shell. To counter this they were given improved speed, allowing them to outrun most shots. Production: Awaiting approval from higher ups.
(also she's not 100% done, she has no shields and no smoke deployers, however she does have LAM's and a Interceptor missile array (I'm not gonna lie, this is my first time creating Interceptors, so this is interesting lol). Also her engine overheats (a problem I didn't notice with the Tadpole engine design of mine during initial testing.....))

#2. The Vulture class Bomber:
[Image: JZTsDAB.jpg]

(er, since I have no idea what faction this one will go to I'll just put her original lore)
After the success of the Rapier class Fighter, the Altesian Monocracy decided to update it's forces of bombers from the standard Shrike bomber modification, to something that could serve as a dedicated bomber and would as such leave the Shrikes to a AWAC's role or potentially as commercial aircraft for the citizens of Altesia. No price was set upon the contract, leaving many corporations to come in and try their hand on making bombers. However the contract ended as soon as it started, as the Forescythe Corporation had a new design for us that could fill this role. Leary about putting their egg's all in one basket (since Forescythe designed the Rapier), the Council approved their request for a demonstration. This demonstration was all they needed, and small scale production was approved of for further testing that same day. At the time she was initially known as the B-01, however after several pilots got in and flew it, they all decided to nickname her "Vulture" since she's deadly AND decisively ugly.... She is completely capable of ruining any Captains day by all 22 (I think?) missiles. Production: Awaiting further approval from the Council
(this is so close to done, there are quite a few problems with the design however . Her engine will overheat every now and then but the other two will kick in and will suffice for a while (something I'm working on). This is the bomber that was suppose to ship with the Matercula, however she got delayed because her missiles would clip through and blow up on the inside. This problem was fixed? (I'm not sure, testing showed that it wasn't her missiles that did her in now, it was the Pinacle and it's AA but I would watch for that) The other problem is that she is a big fricken target that isn't going all that fast (39m/s last I checked) so most AA can hit her, but her metal exterior prevents all but the big one's from getting through. Other than that it truly is a devastating blow she can deal and once these problems are fixed (which I might call upon you to help me fix this) she'll be a force to reckon with.).

I had a little too much fun writing both lores lol.

Prototypes missplaced temporarily. (Apparently some idiots took them for a *ahem* 'test drive' and are heading full speed ahead into White Flayer territory. Don't worry, the Silent Service Task Force is moving to intercept so those prototypes will be in your dockyards soon enough (AKA I forgot to beamify them AND I misnamed them.....)).

Prototypes reacquired.

I had too much fun with that as well.....

Attached Files
.blueprint   Vanguard class Drone Thrusterfoil.blueprint (Size: 111.59 KB / Downloads: 23)
.blueprint   Vulture class Bomber.blueprint (Size: 88.35 KB / Downloads: 23)
"If you’re leaving scorch-marks, you need a bigger gun"

"If you're not willing to shell your own position, you're not willing to win."

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