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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-06-02, 04:36 PM)StahlSentinel Wrote: Okay, I've had a look at the Matercula MKII and noticed the following things:
  • Laser designators are still blocked by the radar dish at some angles, leading to brief "blindspot" issues. Replacing the missile warner nodes with designators will help with missile targeting all-round.
  • The missile warners will work just as well inside the hull and be much less vulnerable.
  • Two layers of metal is one too many for the OWC, since I'll be slapping shields onto it. The ammo storage can keep what it has, and maybe the turret if the rebalance doesn't do something about APS clips being essentially overpriced nukes.
  • Might actually be a bit too fast - especially considering that I intend to add smoke systems. Removing the side-mounted main jets should slow it down enough that it won't outrun its own smoke.
  • Missiles could use ejectors - replacing the repair bots next to the launch pads with these will reduce the chances of missiles colliding with the radar dish (and also stop them slithering all over the launch deck).
  • Overkill amounts of repair bots. Combined with the armour, this is causing the carrier to be a little too tanky, whereas ideally it should be letting its subspawns draw enemy fire. Repair cheese isn't really the OWC's focus.
  • As this is a carrier not a factory ship, the vehicle spawners can be removed.
All this aside, it's a very nice-looking carrier and it's very stable. It just needs a little more tweaking before it can be integrated.

Moving on to the Coepi and Allegiance, I'm not overly taken by them. I'm sorry, but I can't really see anywhere in the campaign they could really fit.

On a more positive note, the Tick has been integrated as the Jetsam (to go with the Flotsam) with an improved shotgun cannon and a coating of rust.

Yea that was my other solution. However there's something that I have in the works that *might* work (I've yet to test it since I actually haven't been on FtD for a bit)

Missile warners work inside the hull? I thought they said they need a direct line of sight?

They better, either that or beef APS up significantly so it's justified (I'm getting annoyed with the White Flayers capacity to destroy my ship because someone left a nuke inside the dang ammo storage, I can withstand them shredding but that is just game breaking IMO).

Nah, removing it won't slow it down that much (last I checked it lowered the speed from 49m/s to 39m/s or so). I'll go ahead and remove a few of the jets on the back as well so that way it's slower (that was a semi-fear I had (I was afraid it would be too fast for the missile systems and even the fighters, but it didn't dawn on me about smoke)).

K, that would probably be good since we don't want a stray missile ramming one of the vehicles that it spawns lol.

Alright, I can do that.

Ok, I honestly threw them on in an attempt to make it look more interesting there Tongue. I'll remove them and either throw some more spawners or something.

Thank you, considering this is the first fully functional carrier I have made (since the Transcend technically wasn't finished, I just began remaking her when you mentioned carriers Big Grin) that is great to hear haha.

Alright, no problem. Just a heads up once I get back on FtD I'll have a Reefback Wrecker Balloon series for you (and I call it series since my plan is to have three versions: CRAM, Mine Deployer (MD), and a version that potentially has a Gatling cannon (GC) (no worries, it'll be 60mm max firing Hollow point or Composite OR Flak if I turn it into an anti-air balloon)) as well as potentially some surface combat vehicles (something like a fan boat, or something to do with twin hulls that were welded together).

Ooo, I like the sound of a shotgun cannon lol. May I have it?

Side note: For the OWC I have an idea that I want to run by you before I make it (since it'll be kinda time consuming). What size exactly do you mean by medium combat thrusterfoils? Agar sized, Matercula, or somewhere in between? The reason I ask this is because the Matercula was originally designated a Destroyer (hence the reason the missile room is soo big, there was suppose to be 90mm dual cannons there and the missiles moved to the back behind the Command tower AND why she has thicker armor) and with a little bit of retrofitting she could potentially fill that role again as a different ship (of course I would then remake the way she looks so it doesn't look like a complete copy and paste) OR I can just make one from scratch. Doesn't matter too much to me Smile.

EDIT: The Venom Lance is gonna be getting a toy btw. I'm not going to go into specifics but it's name is gonna be TNY-TIM or NM-01.
"If you’re leaving scorch-marks, you need a bigger gun"

"If you're not willing to shell your own position, you're not willing to win."

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