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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Ok, I've updated the Matercula. Not only are the missiles connected wirelessly now, but her complement of aircraft has increased from 6 to now 12.

Furthermore, I was going through my blueprints and I found two vehicles that might peak your interest:

[Image: kBLUxlg.jpg]

To the left is my modern Patrol boat, the Coepi class Mk II (since Mk I is based around Anti-air, which if you want I can give you the blueprint for that as well) and to the right is my first vehicle I ever created, the Allegiance class Light Frigate. They both are fully combat capable and are meant to take on the DWG, however the Allegiance has gone much farther. She has met the White Flayers and performed amazingly considering she was suppose to be scrapped for parts after the DWG. Also only the Coepi will be linked here since the Allegiance is currently being modernized (since at the time I only had basic understanding of missiles and cannons a like). A fair warning though, these little bastards (don't get me wrong, I love this little things just they piss me off when they do it) like to hump anything in sight (think I'm kidding? One rammed and then proceeded to flip my capital ship over in the middle of a battle with the White Flayers.) The Coepi on the other hand has only destroyed the DWG and hasn't seen any combat against the White Flayers, yet. However it too use to hump anything in sight, I think I finally fixed that though....

Attached Files
.blueprint   Matercula class Hydrofoil Carrier 2.blueprint (Size: 213.95 KB / Downloads: 27)
.blueprint   Coepi class Patrol Boat Mk II.blueprint (Size: 104.73 KB / Downloads: 31)
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