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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Gaurdian - I've had a look at the Tick, Matercula and Rapier and have the following to say about them:

  • Overall a pretty good design
  • Cannon is less effective than I'd like - I'll sort this out after the APS rebalance.
  • Other than that, it'll be integrated soon, probably renamed the Jetsam to go with the Flotsam.

  • Laser designators keep getting blocked by the radar system. You might want to move them elsewhere.
  • For whatever reason the stabilisation system is set to make the pitch stay at 8 degrees instead of 0. It looks odd this way, to be frank.
  • Laser designators are connected to the missile battery by a string of connectors. It would probably be more sensible to set them to guide the vehicle's missiles and attach them to separate missile controllers, to reduce the chance of them being disabled.
  • The resource gatherers and oil drills, though a sensible design choice for a carrier with heavy repair capabilities, are less so for a high-speed hydrofoil, which will hardly have time to make use of them as it passes through a resource zone. Probably best to remove them, all things considered.
  • While the teleport pads are a nice addition, their placement on the ceiling leads to any attempt to use them causing Rambot to phase outside through the blocks, so they should probably be moved to the floor. I like that the engine room is walkable though.

  • Some part of the engine overheats moments after it takes off. It may be worth redesigning the engine a bit.
  • Fits the Venom Lance better than the Old World Coalition, so I'll be considering it for that faction instead.
  • Missile array has some rather vulnerable parts that could use a little more armour.
  • Maneuvering jets could probably be recessed inside the main hull for reduced drag.
I'll make the tweaks to this one myself, it's only minor things anyway.

Hypersycos - The scrapper replacement you submitted has finally been integrated as the Flotsam. Sorry it took me this long.

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