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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Build Guidelines for the Reefback Wreckers:
There are three schools of design for the Wreckers: "Bootleg" faction vehicles (things that used to belong to other factions of Foreldi and are now Wreckertech), things made from wreckage rather haphazardly, and the Lee Quay Shipyard's designs.

"Bootleg" designs use more-or-less the same design rules as the faction they are stolen from, but should be nerfed down to Wrecker level, either in armament or defenses.

For the other two:
  • Shields are allowed for protection of vital areas - max strength 2
  • Unless the whole thing's made of wood, in which case put the strength up to 3.5
  • HE only on CRAMs, unless the vehicle carrying the cram is relatively fragile.
  • Advanced cannons should be pretty weak - no sabots pls. For high-calibre advanced cannon primary weapons, solid warhead + hollowpoint shells will do nicely. For whatever reason they take chunks out of the Bastion, and are gimmicky enough to fit with the Wreckers.
  • Flares and interceptors are good - LAMS should be used sparingly and not be overly effective.
  • Adding aimpoint baffles (ammo barrels on chains trailing behind the vehicle, or below in the case of air units, like this:     ) is perfectly okay. Go ahead and add one or two.
  • Similar armour rules to the Iron Devotion, though 2 layers of metal is acceptable for large builds.
  • Naval units (ships, basically) should have the majority of their mass above the water, since the Wreckers operate in shallow waters. This means no submarines unless it's something like the Flayers' Dark Hammer which sits just below the water.
  • While the Wreckers can use particle cannons, only explosive shock damage type is permitted. These should be very sparingly used though, like lasers, since both are hard to come by for the Wreckers.
  • Adding oddball things like holes in the superstructure covered with Mad Max-looking metal shields, asymmetrical weapon systems, fake damage etc. is pretty much a requirement for wreckage ships, but should be toned down a little for Lee Quay ships.
  • IR missiles with no cameras are okay in reasonable numbers, and maybe one or two laser guided missiles, but no LUA missiles.
  • Flying Wrecker units should have weaker defences (whether armour or otherwise) than naval units.

Fleet Main:
R .45 G .20 B .08 I .58 (Looks quite like rust when put on metal, so put this on any unpainted metal surfaces)
Fleet Secondary:
R .59 G .59 B .53 I .88
Fleet Trim:
R .46 G .08 B .09 I .92
Fleet Detail:
R .23 G .19 B .18 I .94

Things I think the Wreckers could probably benefit from:
  • A few flying units - helicopters, ballooncraft, something small.
  • The Flying Corensian - a wooden sailing ship with the sails replaced by a big ugly (and vulnerable) dediblade system to make it fly.
  • Some sort of bulldozer-looking ramming ship
  • A makeshift ship with a carousel cannon system (four cannons on a slowly rotating spinblock)

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