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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Build guidelines for the Iron Devotion:
  • Maximum armour is 1m metal backed up by 1m wood (or the other way round if you want)
  • AI should be protected by a layer of stone, ammo by a layer of metal. Internal compartmentalisation should be achieved with wood.
  • Cram cannons permitted no fuses, exp and frag only.
  • No shields permitted. Flares and missile interceptors may be used, on the same missile system if you want.
  • AA advanced cannons should either use 1 HE and composite head, or timed fuse frag rounds.
  • IR missiles with no cameras are OK in small numbers. No EMP.
  • Civilian/Light Military (Foundation of the Seer) builds don't have any specific aesthetic necessities - this may change after my aesthetics pass for the Devotion. Heavy Military (Iron Orthodoxy) builds should have some non-functional fleet-secondary exhaust piping exposed on the outside, though if it can be made functional, that's all fine.

Fleet Main:
R .92 G .93 B .72 I .99
Fleet Secondary:
R .37 G .36 B .39 I .90
Fleet Trim:
R .83 G .68 B .00 I .99
Fleet Detail:
R .34 G .28 B .28 I .95

Current required fortress builds:
  • Faction HQ of some sort (Iron Orthodoxy)
  • Purgatory - essentially a prison (Foundation of the Seer)
  • Church of some kind (Foundation)
  • Light Resource Harvester Outpost (Foundation)
  • Heavy Resource Harvester Outpost (Orthodoxy)

Might want some land structures to add a bit of flavour, but not sure about this.

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