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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Ok, the Matercula is now beamified! Sadly still no fighter is gonna ship with it, however I'm gonna be making one soon. Btw, your fighters set a nice standard lol. I've been testing any aerial vehicle I build against them and if mine win's then it's put on the production line, if it doesn't then back to the drawing board.

No more wait time required, she's now shipping with fighters!

[Image: v3SWfOK.jpg]

Say Hello to the Rapier class fighter. I sent two of them versus 4 of your Benevolence Mk II (the Mk III IMO would be too brutal for a first test lol), they came out on top very handily. Best part is that the tail plane protects the engines apparently haha.

EDIT: I have actually gone back and sent a single Rapier against 2 Mk III Benevolence.....the Rapier won......I know what's gonna get me through the DWG fast lol(since I've restarted in an attempt to regain some inspiration, especially for the Reefback Wreckers after all they're designs are scraps.......). Furthermore in my time back I made.....something for the Reefback Wreckers.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Matercula class Hydrofoil Carrier.blueprint (Size: 211.31 KB / Downloads: 17)
.blueprint   Rapier class fighter.blueprint (Size: 55.45 KB / Downloads: 18)
.blueprint   Tick class Hydrofoil Patrol Boat.blueprint (Size: 62.9 KB / Downloads: 21)
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