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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-05-30, 02:00 PM)Meth3ik0n Wrote: Soooo: i found this thread a day ago and was interested. If the Iron Devotion still needs a HQ i want to ask some questions about it and have a go at it.

- how large in volume should it be ?
- vessel, fortress or structure ?
- if vessel how fast ?

Ill try my best when i have these guidelines , so i dont have to rebuild the Lamb thing.

Thanks for showing interest! I'm currently on the fence about whether the Iron Devotion should have a boss ship or a fortress HQ, but I'm currently leaning more toward a fortress. I don't have any particular volume limit in mind, but as long as it's a comparable volume to Davy Jones' Outpost (or other Neter HQs) it should be fine. I'd like the fortress to have a central super-turret looking something like this:
with a main cram turret in the middle (no fuses, exp and frag only - or just use the one from the Atonement, which is attached) and light AA guns around it (pls no sabots). However, if you can come up with something that works better, go right ahead and build that instead - having seen the designs you submitted for use in Neter, one of which (the OW Tortoise) inspired the Chariot design of the Iron Devotion, I'm pretty confident you'll come up with something interesting. I'll probably post a set of build guidelines for each faction (it's about time I got round to it), so keep your eyes open.

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