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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-05-30, 06:52 AM)Gaurdian23 Wrote: Well, I got a ship for ya. In an attempt to get back into FtD, I decided to build something. At first it was suppose to be something for the Reefback Wreckers, then it was born into this:

img snip

Say Hello to the Matercula class Hydrofoil Carrier. She's not meant to be in the midst of battle (I actually forgot to throw her in one, but I got a good feeling she wouldn't do well), however she can support a fleet with 8 aircraft, with room for more. She was suppose to ship with some but while they are devastating they have the problem of being too fast for their own missiles (most testing showed that the second salvo would clip through them and blow up on the inside, which isn't exactly ideal) so for now your gonna have to supply your own. Something that actually shocked me was that during testing I let her go running about while I was putting on the "flight deck", and when I looked at her speed she was going 25m/s, so in my usual fashion I thought to myself "If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing...." and now she goes 49m/s lol.

Attachment temporarily removed due to it being made of single blocks. Will post attachment a little later when done, and hopefully with a new fighter.

This looks pretty interesting - is it using the same dediblade stabilising system as the Agar? I'll have a look at it when you've got the blueprint sorted out. The Old World Coalition certainly needs something with some advanced cannons to cover their weaknesses a little.

On the subject of the Avant-Garde - I've had a brief look and identified the following issues.
  • Stability. The moment it started to turn it flipped onto its side. This is probably due to the rudder being at the bottom of the vehicle.
  • Made of single blocks. Beaming this one will help a lot.
  • Doesn't really fit the aesthetic I had in mind for the Venom Lance.
  • Main cannon is kind of odd, with a burst-fire firing pattern that I'm not overly fond of.
(On a side note, if you're looking to give the Treachery a beating, inertial-fused pendepth cram shells work pretty well. Pair them up with an EMP particle cannon
for extra effectiveness - the EMP fries the shields, the pendepth crams shred the innards, or the EMP does very little and the crams gradually crush the ship through sledgehammer blows.)

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