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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-05-27, 10:07 PM)Gaurdian23 Wrote: Most are strength 7 (minus the one at the back, that's 10 since she's gonna be attempting to out range them).
If this is a Lance ship, you can drop the shields on the rear to 4 or 5, since the front's gonna be facing the ramming victim enemy most of the time anyway. Outranging I think I'll leave to the Collective and their sabot factories.

(2016-05-27, 10:07 PM)Gaurdian23 Wrote: Thanks, generally I put some sort of keel on as well but when I tested it the ship's top speed dropped from 27m/s to 19m/s so I pretty much avoided that.
Yea, I wouldn't normally but this ship was suppose to double as my counter to the White Flayers Treachery.

You'd probably want something larger to counter the Treachery, unless it's a swarm boat. I may never know how I managed to capture a Treachery, but I'd bank on it being due to throwing the entirety of the last fleet I stole into the grinder.

(2016-05-27, 10:07 PM)Gaurdian23 Wrote: Something else that I actually just realized, the reason why she's so dang underwhelming is probably because her main weapon. It's a Impact Particle Cannon, so she was engaging way above it's max range (something I'll address on my end).
Here's her BP.

Nice, I'll have a look tomorrow when I've had some sleep. Particle cannons will certainly be a good choice for the Lance, since they're all about up-close combat.

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