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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

In the last bp I sent the main turret had a battery phasing through it, stopping it from turning. Here's an updated BP if you want. Also, I opted for laser shields because I'm not very good at using smoke, smoke is more effective, more reliable, and probably cheaper too, so if you can use it it's probably better.

Also, I remembered about a ship I made for the DWG a while ago(didn't get in, there was a better replacement), and thought it might fit in with the wreckers, dunno tho. Already painted, but probably won't look good in the different colour scheme.

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.blueprint   HydrofoilLazor.blueprint (Size: 53.83 KB / Downloads: 19)
.blueprint   ScrapperUpdated.blueprint (Size: 63.95 KB / Downloads: 25)
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RE: Changing Tides - WIP custom campaign - by Hypersycos - 2016-05-22, 01:20 PM

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