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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Alright, update time! Finally I've built something for the campaign again.

It's a hovermine.
[Image: f3hcZr5.jpg]
Yes, it's small, but I wanted to have something like this for the OWC. Inspired by afjklol's CAPTOR mine, but much less effective against submarines.
Cheap-ish, disposable, and uses no resources in operation.

Which is why the Hovermine Supplier is needed.
[Image: 7bCVP5z.jpg]
Its sole purpose is to supply the four hovermines it carries as subspawns with ammo.
With four or more suppliers you can make a pretty decent hoverminefield.

Hypersycos, here's a pic of the Scalpel hovercraft in OWC colours:
[Image: rIH9xjT.jpg]
I'll be honest, it probably does need some laser defences. I can always add them later though. It's integrated though, and that's the important part (may also show up in high-speed assault fleets).

Gaurdian, I finally decided to integrate the Air Cobra as the Dirk, since it's a nice and distinct knife-related name.

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.blueprint   Hovermine Supplier.blueprint (Size: 53.82 KB / Downloads: 27)

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