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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-05-20, 03:13 PM)StahlSentinel Wrote:
(2016-05-20, 04:38 AM)Gaurdian23 Wrote: Well my Secret Project was scrapped for two reason's: It was too small and cost WAY too much. However, I'm not giving up on my Capital ship killer, I WILL have vengeance on the White Flayers. Saying this........oops, I think I dropped something:

[Image: sobZK4r.jpg]

(that's the Treachery to her left)
She's in her adolescence but she is already promising (and by adolescence I mean that she's.....missing something other than her weapons Wink ).

Her predicted armament:

20x Shadow SRBM's (range 2.5km)
10x Seagull SRBM's (range 10km)
10x Kraken Anti-ship missiles (experimental, so no range as of yet. What is known is that they leave a nasty mark)
2x EMP Particle Cannons (since I heard you can make these I'm gonna take FULL advantage of it) (also I can keep these from the version I give you if you want)
4x Dual Barrel Sabot firing 250mm Advanced Cannons
1x MCUDD Cannon (Mega Cram of Ultimate Doom and Destruction)

So yeah.....she might be going to the Venom Lance lol or a rare ship for the OWC.

Sounds good. From the shape, it looks more Venom Lance to me than Old World Coalition. If you're intending for it to be a VL design bear the following in mind:
First off, rams. Put rams on the front, make it fast. The Lance lives up to its name by ramming with everything that doesn't fly (and some things that fly, if we ever get a ramming AI card).
Secondly, pls no EMP. I'd really rather that gets saved for the very last faction because, much like sabot-spam, it's not much fun to fight against. Particle cannons are fine for the Lance, just stick to impact or piercing (preferably impact, because piercing is less awesome than ripping off the whole front of a Bastion)
Did I mention ramming? Harpoon missiles with high speed and maneuvrability will come in handy for catching things the ship can't ram properly.
Disco beams (lasers) should be the primary armament for the Lance, but backing them up with missile arrays or advanced cannons will be fine. (I'd rather not have sabots on the Lance designs, unless it's small calibre anti-air weaponry) LAMS is the preferred anti-missile system, but flares and interceptors will do if you want to conserve engine power.
Shields - do what you like, but make sure they're strongest at the front.

Haven't quite got around to looking at the Air Cobra yet, partially due to being sidetracked by the new laser components.

K, rams I can do. Her front ironically is almost optimized for them Smile. Also her speed as of yet is unknown (since I was gonna work on her and put the particle cannons on but in the middle of testing them Windows 10 threw an error code my way and forced a shutdown Angry), a ramming card would make ramming soo much easier lol.
Alright, impact it is (plus in my testing EMP is nice and can do a bunch of damage to AI components, but it just doesn't have the same appeal as ripping a ship apart >: ) (again, I need a devious face....) it just seems more fitting that way as well).
Hmmmm, your giving me ideas.......the only problem is that last I checked Harpoons really don't work well on larger objects, saying that though there is a way to restrict what size those harpoons would attack. I'll have to think about how I'm gonna implement that.
You want Disco beams of Death, I can give you Disco Beams of Death >: ) (...)! Saying this, it'll be my first experiment with them so that'll be fun lol. Also I'm thinking about adding 2 90mm Gatling cannons for those pesky fighters, so I'll give the Sabots to them and maybe give the 250mm cannons......HESH? I do have a good design of HESH for that size so I'll go ahead and play around and see what I think will fit most.
LAM's is my specialty (more so missiles, but they're a very close second), so I'll throw a *ahem* decent one on (and by decent I mean it's gonna be fun for any missile based ships >: ) (not gonna bother saying it lol)). Well currently all she has is a hull, bunch of fuel and ammo, an ammo production array and something along the lines of a 12,000 power engine(s) so power isn't gonna be too much of an issue, especially since I'm planning on adding another Hotrod engine from IreLAN.
I'll try my best at adding shields, just a warning though they'll most likely be at a strength 5 or 7 since while I do have more than enough engine power, I want to keep some extra just for some future modifications.
"If you’re leaving scorch-marks, you need a bigger gun"

"If you're not willing to shell your own position, you're not willing to win."

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