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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Well my Secret Project was scrapped for two reason's: It was too small and cost WAY too much. However, I'm not giving up on my Capital ship killer, I WILL have vengeance on the White Flayers. Saying this........oops, I think I dropped something:

[Image: sobZK4r.jpg]

(that's the Treachery to her left)
She's in her adolescence but she is already promising (and by adolescence I mean that she's.....missing something other than her weapons Wink ).

Her predicted armament:

20x Shadow SRBM's (range 2.5km)
10x Seagull SRBM's (range 10km)
10x Kraken Anti-ship missiles (experimental, so no range as of yet. What is known is that they leave a nasty mark)
2x EMP Particle Cannons (since I heard you can make these I'm gonna take FULL advantage of it) (also I can keep these from the version I give you if you want)
4x Dual Barrel Sabot firing 250mm Advanced Cannons
1x MCUDD Cannon (Mega Cram of Ultimate Doom and Destruction)

So yeah.....she might be going to the Venom Lance lol or a rare ship for the OWC.
"If you’re leaving scorch-marks, you need a bigger gun"

"If you're not willing to shell your own position, you're not willing to win."

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