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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-05-19, 04:26 PM)StahlSentinel Wrote:
(2016-05-19, 03:14 AM)Gaurdian23 Wrote: Say Hello to the new AirPython, now named Air Cobra, she's undergone a severe overhaul to her making her look a lot less like her naval variant but also improving her firepower!

[Image: ttefQt3.jpg]

In her current state, two of her where able to defeat two Riverhomes and a Sinners luck without any other support (granted one blew up almost 30 seconds through the fight due to her own missiles turning into her, so technically 1 took them all on), as seen below.

[Image: ggfnUKF.jpg]

1x 120mm HESH firing cannon (unknown firing speed, engineer forgot to check >.>)
10x Shadow lance anti-ship missiles (brand new, don't know the max range as of yet (chock it up to the engineer's laziness Tongue, that and he's sick) but I do know they can go 1500m without a problem)

Also yes I do realize she has 5 missile laser pointers, I kinda got paranoid when the outer one got shot off by a lucky shot, and the one in the middle is an experiment that I have yet to take off (it did work, but it sent the missiles over the aircraft which was freaking me out a little). ALSO she can't take a hit to her middle (no I'm not kidding, there was only 1 missile that hit her and all that was left was the tail plane and the engine....).

Looks really good now! (I may actually use it as part of the OWC rather than the Reefback Wreckers now, it certainly looks the part) I'll have a bit of a look at it and maybe tweak things a little.

Don't worry about using extra laser pointers. I may well go over everything that has them so they're all set to guide the team's missiles (Kind of cool to have one unit "spotting" and the other firing), but having backups is not going to be an issue.

Thanks, I'm cool with that lol.

K, I was thinking of doing the same thing honestly since my main problem with missiles is that the laser guided will be useless once the vehicles laser pointer goes out or if the vehicle moves something else in the way, however a warning I have: I think that you have to have the LWC that's controlling the Universal Laser Designator, connected directly to the AI mainframe of the vehicle, no receiver or transmitter an in fact direct connection with either the AI being right there or the 6-way AI connectors. It's either that or I'm not thinking haha.
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