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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-05-17, 09:16 PM)Gaurdian23 Wrote: I was actually talking about the Airpython, but I'll more that gladly add MOAR missiles to the [REDACTED, INVALID CLEARANCE]. After all, she is meant to cleanse.....

No need to remind me about the White Flayers and their OPness, I still have PTSD over what they did to my beloved Armada Sad. Saying that though, this Secret Project WILL be my revenge against the White Flayers and their Treachery. As well as be the OWC's new Capital ship killing toy >: ) (I need a devious face DANG IT).

I think everyone has bad memories of the White Flayers. I had to re-evaluate my entire design strategy to deal with them, and was at a disadvantage the entire time due to attacking them directly after destroying the Deepwater Guard. Thankfully I've never encountered a Perforator yet, though I dread the day it happens. Sabot factories will end up in this campaign, I'm afraid, but not at WF levels if I can help it (Not dramatic enough, not enough explosions or laser beams). Try to keep its volume around 9000 metres cubed at the max, I'm trying to keep sizes reasonable for the sake of the frames (even with the Corensian Monarchy, though they have a higher volume cap to accommodate their galleons).

But definitely at WF levels for anti-shoebox weaponry. Never encountered a shoebox, but I have heard stories and I'm not gonna take chances with them.

On the subject of the Air-Python, going over the general shape of it a little to make it more aerodynamic and less like a Sea Python would be appreciated. Probably best to outfit it with a machine-gun, though if that won't fit use missiles. The only weapons the Reefback Wreckers can't use are railguns.

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