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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Okay, I've had a look at them now.

The revamped Corsair - Much better now, although still very unusual by OWC standards. The odd heliblade is fine, and I'm alright with it having the current number of repair bots instead of shields due to its focus on repair and construction. Corsair may not be the most fitting name for it though, but it's certainly OWC enough to make it.

The sea python drone (air python?) - This thing is ridiculous. I like it very much for its silliness and as such it fits the ramshackle nature of the Reefback Wreckers to a T. May integrate (with some modifications) as the Flying Fish, if I can.

The Transcend - This one's a bit of an enigma to me. Style-wise, it's closer to what I have planned for the Venom Lance (who will be using conventional-looking battleships with laser armaments and ramming tactics), but has the misfortune to be built of wood. It doesn't really fit with any of the factions I'm afraid, though the use of teleport pads to get around the ship is something I ought to use for the larger OWC builds.

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