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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Well I'm done remaking them, thanks for that tool btw! That helped greatly!
Say Hello to the Transcend class Aircraft Carrier:

[Image: 29Qgcdy.jpg]

She originally was meant to fufill my needs as an Aircraft Carrier, however I think that any one of the factions will like to have her. Saying that though, she cannot take too many hits. Matter of fact I'd keep her behind while the aircraft she spawns does the work for you, her weapons will of course help against the aircraft and very lightly armored ships and fortunately can be easily removed if you want!

Also I've redone the Corsair, she is now made out of beams where ever possible and I decided to not make another missile system due to space but I have added vehicle subspawners so she can spawn aircraft.

Furthermore I don't know if you want this but I on accident made a drone when I was attempting to revamp the Sea Python for my needs so I'll just drop that here as well.

Sadly if you want shields your gonna have to add them, I actually try to avoid them since most my engine designs are terrible (and I personally don't 100% like them, don't know why Undecided ) sorry!

Attached Files
.blueprint   Corsair Class Drone Hydroship.blueprint (Size: 71.77 KB / Downloads: 29)
.blueprint   Transcend class Aircraft Carrier 2.blueprint (Size: 521.17 KB / Downloads: 38)
.blueprint   SeaPython Aerial Drone.blueprint (Size: 34.71 KB / Downloads: 34)
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