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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-05-14, 03:34 PM)Gaurdian23 Wrote: I actually have something else as well if you want it. You talking about the Twin Guard and mini drone's reminded me of it, and as such I've begun wiping the dust off of her. Her original purpose was to provide me the Air superiority over the DWG and later the White Flayers, but my Coepi class Light Frigates proved too much for the DWG flyers. However I'm willing to begin reworking her (since I stopped making her once I gained the upper hand). She's the Transcend class Aircraft Carrier, capable of launching however many aircraft you need (currently 6 OP Macro-fighters courtesy of Skullsploder), while simultaneously providing the firepower to knock them out of the sky (at least her original purpose was, all she has right now are 6 50mm Gatling cannons firing rounds aircraft are allergic to).

As long as it can be raised up on hydrofoils, is rather fragile and dies very shortly after things start getting through its shields and LAMS, it'll fit nicely. The OWC ain't quite the Twin Guard, they don't use repair cheese, overuse missiles and can't stand the thought of coming into contact with the outside world.
I would prefer advanced cannons on OWC ships to be kept to a bare minimum for when missiles don't cut it.

I should probably do a lore post for them.

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