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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-05-14, 09:51 AM)StahlSentinel Wrote:
(2016-05-14, 03:22 AM)Gaurdian23 Wrote: Well, got another toy for ya. This isn't the secret idea that I have, but it will play a role in it Wink. Go ahead and make any changes you like, however I highly recommend that you don't touch the ACB's! They are integral to it's continued existence!

I like the overall look of the Corsair, along with its very nice missile system, but there's a few issues with it:
It's practically made out of repair bots and tentacles. I'm trying to keep those to a minimum on OWC designs, with an emphasis on shields, smoke and anti-missile systems, so ditch most of the bots. Keep the repair tentacles though.
Made of single blocks. This is the big issue. Going over the design and replacing most of these single blocks with beams will make it put less stress on the computer. It's not going to be an issue on its own, but in a fleet with multiple other ships, having such a high block count for its size will start to cause problems. There's a tool to do this automatically in this thread, since doing it by hand on larger builds will be soul-destroying.
Rudders and turning propellers aren't doing anything. The rudders are blocked by the main propellers, and the turning propellers spend most of their time out of the water. My experiences with hydrofoilships is that jets mounted on the main body work better for turning in a stable manner.
Tracking systems on the top - these don't actually work in the current version of the game. Having more missile warners in their place would give it some redundancy in case the other ones are damaged.

On the other hand:
LAMS system is excellent. No issues there.
Surge protectors - AI factions don't use EMP by and large (except the last one), but this is still a good design choice since the player probably will.
Lots of storage space - By this point, I'm thinking this could be used as a mini-drone factory like the Twin Guard's carriers. It certainly has the resource capacity to fill that role.

All in all: It's better fitted to being a support drone than a combat one, thanks to its abundance of repair tentacles and effective LAMS system. Interested in seeing what the secret idea is.
Alright, I'll begin work replacing the repair bots and single blocks. That's odd that the rudder isn't working, on my end it says it's fine but that's my end, so I'll go ahead and keep it (so that way it won't flip out about having no turning) and just add turning thrusters (as well as remove the turning props).
Alright, I didn't know that lol. (The Tracking systems) I might replace them with missile warners, but I'm just curious when they'll implement that (since it seems like it'll help significantly).

Ironically it's actually one of my lesser designs when it comes to LAMS lol, I have one where only a huge missile spam will get through (I swear I'm only slightly paranoid about missiles Wink )
I came to the same conclusion too, I actually sent it and my fleet to take out the DWG Home base and well.... the only thing it did was crash into my capital ship and send it to Davy Jones Locker (since I have the ACB's telling it to go forward constantly, which I'm changing for darn sure) meanwhile the other two kept doing circles and repairing to an extensive degree. Which actually brings me to a problem with the missiles I noticed, apparently I forgot to change their default settings so unless the enemy ship is directly in front of it, it won't fire. Don't know if you exactly want that since those missiles (which I've nicknamed Shadow SRBM's) have a range of (I think, can't remember exactly since it's either the Shadow SRBM's or the Seagull SRBM's) 5-6km. I'm also contemplating putting on an anti-air weapons (since it's gonna be a support role), which I'm not 100% sure of what it'll be.
I'll post a teaser once I have the basic's of it done Smile .
"If you’re leaving scorch-marks, you need a bigger gun"

"If you're not willing to shell your own position, you're not willing to win."

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