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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Introducing the Corensian Monarchy, the "age-of-sail" faction, though their designs are decidedly more in the age of steam.

So far their armada includes:

The Mayfly
[Image: AL7GsDG.jpg]
A mini-galleon with a weak broadside. APS is bad at broadsiding, who knew?

The Rose of Corensia
[Image: PauCDIX.jpg]
A decidedly more effective galleon with a pendepth HEAP CRAM broadside (the favoured weapon of the Monarchy) and an anti-air autocannon.

The Queen's Wrath
[Image: myDKcPu.jpg]
Quite frankly the largest ship I'm comfortable with making at the moment. Armed with a massive broadside, multiple AA guns and a particle cannon for dealing with erratic flyers passing overhead.

The Fouroy
[Image: ZvNPFp0.jpg]
Using a slightly different style of design from the Naval Shipyard, this support corvette is a repurposed supply ship built by Duke Jorgenson's Manufactory.

The Serpent
[Image: GPYTauL.jpg]
Bigger brother of the Fouroy, this frigate is both better armed and better defended, with missile countermeasures and a backup electric engine.

Working on the lore for them, with the general theme that they're striving to modernise their fleet from sailing ships to paddle boats.

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