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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Alright, I've started working on the Old World Coalition (renamed from Purifier Horde to emphasise their origins), partially because designing for the Reefback Wreckers is a nightmare, and I'm having some issues.

Drones aren't an issue. I can make drones, and maybe even make them slightly good-looking.
[Image: niAbcbO.jpg]
Yes, I'm aware it looks like the TG Sneek, but at this size things tend to look rather similar unless you do something completely off the wall. It's cheap, it can be mass-produced by carriers, that's all I really needed.

[Image: gidVaGu.jpg]
Because the Sea Python is the poster boy for "wasted potential".

Hydrofoil missile-spammers though? Completely different story.
Raincloud MKI
[Image: pQhK5ov.jpg]

Penicillin (I'm bad at naming things too, FYI)
[Image: B1XYPf9.jpg]

Basically, they both look like rejected Nokia designs, with none of the resilience that implies (but to be fair, I'm looking for these hydrofoils to be fairly fragile and rely on active defenses). If anyone happens to look at this post and has any ability to make half-decent hydrofoil missile-spammers, any assistance you can give would be appreciated.

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