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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Alright, bit of an update.

First off, factions:

The Burning Horde has been replaced by the Purifier Horde. What kind of apocalypse would it be without a bunch of loons trying to wipe out any mutants and return the world to the state it was in?

The Venom Lance should now use sleek, modern-futuristic ships with fast-firing weapons, but lose the fragility they had, as well as gaining the use of lasers.

The Purifier Horde
Paranoid and secretive, the Purifier Horde utilise vast numbers of small, disposable craft and hermetically sealed battleships designed to keep as little contact with the contaminated water as possible, in addition to small satellite drones. Universally hated by all the other factions, who the Horde regard as tainted, but most of all by the Venom Lance, who the Horde regard as mutants to be wiped out.

The Forged Domain (Name not yet finalised)
Formed from a group of doomsday preppers and survivalists, the Domain's admiralty's first act was to prioritise engineering talent above all else, and consequently they were among the first factions back on their feet. They use various ironclad, pre-dreadnaught and similarly antiquated designs, as well as lumbering zeppelin-style airships for air support, focusing on crushing firepower and survivability above all else.

The Tides of Progress
The most advanced faction due to constant research into lost technologies. Reliant on hovercraft technology, satellite superweapons, and TG-style mechs, as well as being the only ones to use EMP.

At some point, I'm going to add a faction that uses only age-of-sail designs - sailing ships, paddle-boats and the like.

Next up, the Iron Devotion.

Three new ships: the Chariot, Gravely's Pride and a small unnamed sailing ship.

The Chariot
[Image: L2r64mC.jpg]
Essentially a Dreg Ship upgrade.

Gravely's Pride
[Image: ACqZzz6.jpg]
A support ship for the Devotion, equipped with repair tentacles and a significant amount of resource storage. Also has a walkable interior, because why not.

Small Unnamed Sailing Ship
[Image: d2AzuEv.jpg]
Does what it says on the tin, really. If anyone can think of a name, that would be much appreciated.

Also the Reefback Wreckers now have the Barrel of Laughs.
[Image: gTAVFuE.jpg]
Based on an idea I had a while back. Turned out uglier than intended, but more effective. Relies on frontal shielding and repair cheese for effectiveness, and should ideally be deployed in groups - or at least with fleet support.

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