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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Right! Stand by, long-ish reply incoming.

Having had a bit more opportunity to look over the CRAM bomber (now the Iron Thunder, though that name may be given to a larger, heavier bomber if one turns up) and the smaller bomber (now the Fervour. Again, may be changed since Fervour probably suits a fighter better) and I've noticed and/or tweaked the following things:

  • Since after taking enough damage and recovering from it the Fervour tends to end up in the water, I've added balloons and a water start card.
  • Added resource storage and repair bots. If the cannons go, they're not much use, but most other things it can now recover from.
  • That's pretty much it for tweaking, it performs as close to perfect as is required by its faction and early-game nature.

Iron Thunder
  • I really like the design, and it fits the faction almost perfectly. Lore for it is basically that the Iron Devotion found old photos of a stealth bomber and decided "we need one of those".
  • Filled a significant amount of the inside with wing surfaces and ailerons, because the magic you used to get it to fly seems to wear off after a CRAM shell or two.
  • Moved the ammo storage as far back and to the sides as possible to throw off enemy targeting. Seems to have worked.
  • Added balloons and water start.
  • Painted it. Underside is solid grey, so it looks like a storm cloud from underneath.
  • Added resource containers and repair bots. Like the Fervour, the mere presence of this plane is enough to make the AI drop everything and try to use broadside CRAMs for AA, so it might as well be able to recover from taking an unlucky hit.
  • Reduced number of barrels to three for AA turrets, just so they have more punch per shot. Also extended barrels for extra accuracy.

I'll be frank, both of these fit the aesthetic and function far better than the flying pencil and ugly Shrike-wannabe I was using before, and in a fleet I daresay they'll leave an impression. The only real issue I have with either is that the CRAM bomber is a little smaller than I hoped for, more of a second light bomber than a heavy bomber, but having thrown them at the Barrel of Laughs (The name speaks for itself, and it should not be as effective at AA as it is) a few times I'm really not convinced that's as problematic as I'd thought, with the Iron Thunder & Fervour column I threw together overcoming the shields and repair cheese of the Barrels. Sure, they did take some losses, but once the Iron Thunder had passed overhead once things were a lot more one-sided.

I've included the blueprints for both planes so you can have a closer look at the (admittedly minor) modifications.

[Image: 8Ayo8uQ.jpg]
Clouds on the horizon

[Image: kXYFDoS.jpg]
The abominable and ugly Barrel of Laughs

[Image: UU3TI0f.jpg]
Drunken plane party overhead, while the Iron Thunder writes off a hole in the side as "just a scratch".

[Image: GHVBusn.jpg]
I wasn't kidding about the Barrels' repair cheese. Those countdowns got all the way to zero the slow way for one or two. Thankfully in campaign they won't have unlimited resources, but I'm still gonna add more storage because why not.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Fervour.blueprint (Size: 76.47 KB / Downloads: 36)
.blueprint   Iron Thunder.blueprint (Size: 94.07 KB / Downloads: 22)

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