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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Beginning planning for next two factions (yes, even though the first two aren't finished).

Burning Horde
Crazy militaristic-survivalist types. If fire ever gets implemented, these guys are going to use a lot of it. Primarily casemate and monitor style ironclads, with minimal amounts of ship above the water. Perhaps some zeppelins for air support. May make some ironclads that operate like the Pequod, i.e. submerge upon getting close enough, or stay submerged until in broadside range.

Venom Lance
Very sleek ships, spear-shaped perhaps. Fragile, unshielded satellite weapons dotted around, flying toothpick jets for air support. Focus on rapid-fire weaponry, ACCs and missiles primarily. Everything fragile, but shielded.

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RE: Changing Tides (WIP campaign name) - Trying my hand at making a custom campaign - by StahlSentinel - 2016-04-10, 11:49 AM

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