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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Reefback Wreckers

Current fleet lineup
[Image: x8ywjfx.jpg]
From left to right: Rust Mite, Seagull, Flying Dutchman, Eelskinner, Charging Rhino, Debris, Barrage Balloon. The Iron Devotion's Purgatory outpost is visible in the background, behind the Barrage Balloon.

Ever since its creation, Brokeback Reef has been a dangerous place for captains to venture, with sandbars and rock outcroppings that tear the bottom off ships unfortunate enough not to see them. However, it is also a reasonably safe place to get shipwrecked.

With an abundance of raw material from wreckage, it was only a matter of time before the shipwrecked sailors banded together to gather it up and build new fleets, and from there began to form the rudiments of a faction. The Reefback Wreckers gradually formed from these scattered groups and staked their claim to the Reef with a fleet of reclaimed ships rebuilt to have as little hull underwater as possible.

Using a network of scout balloons, they monitor the sandbars for potential salvage, often taking steps to ensure that the ships passing through become wrecks. There are also rumours of hidden deathtraps and stealth ships blending in to the shores, though no solid evidence of these has yet been found.

Design Philosophy
Wrecker vehicles built by Jury Rig Salvage, of whatever description, are covered in rust, odd angles and pieces of salvaged ship. Often there are gaping holes in the side of above-deck structures haphazardly covered up with metal plates. Those produced by Lee Quay Shipyards, however, are more like other factions' professionally manufactured ships, albeit still covered in a thick layer of rust and with either strange idiosyncrasies or glaring issues.

Current state
I've barely started on the Reefback Wreckers. Some of the vessels already done will need some modifications to fit the faction better (especially the Eelskinner). I also intend to add several ramming ships, once I figure out how to make them work properly. It's highly likely that once the other factions have some designs I'll just take bits and pieces of them and weld them together into Wrecker ships.

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