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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Iron Devotion

Current fleet lineup
[Image: nyCOsRY.jpg]
From left to right: Dreg Ship, Dreg Ship Retrofit, Vicar, Tribute (cargo vessel), Tithe, Preacher, Missionary, Intervention.

As civilisation recovered from the cataclysm, a group of looters ransacked the derelict headquarters of a long-gone corporation. Affected by flakes of lead-based paint disturbed by their arrival, they became fixated with the sole surviving book in the building - a corporate manual focusing on PR and technology. Upon finally finding their way out of the building, the looters inadvertently started a religious movement before dying of lead poisoning.

Fast-forward to the present day, and the Iron Devotion has grown from this religious movement. With the original text missing, the Devotion has become obsessed with the worship of technology, and is on reasonably good terms with almost every other faction on Foreldi. The exception to this is the Reefback Wreckers, whose tendency to take everything apart to see how it works before patching it up again is at odds with the reverence afforded to high technology that has caused the Devotion to stagnate.

Design Philosophy
There are two main schools of design in the Iron Devotion: Cheap, disposable craft for use by convicts and undesirables, and more robust vehicles, including their "floating churches".

Current State
Naval forces are in an acceptable state, though more forces may be added to improve variety.
The Iron Devotion should have some sort of DWG-level air force in the future.

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