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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Welcome to the Changing Tides custom campaign.

I'm working on this project when not contributing to the WW2 Lite custom campaign (you should have a look at it, we're making good progress), and I'm welcoming any help I can get.

The planet, Foreldi, has been utterly devastated by the events of a cataclysm an indeterminate number of years ago, and the factions that have formed are still affected by its aftermath.

There are eight factions planned for the campaign, these are as follows:

The Iron Devotion - The first faction. Generally peaceful tech-worshippers with relatively tanky ships (though not at the Onyx Watch's level). Ships are of two types: Weaponised cargo barges and floating churches.
Current Status: All units complete, but may accept new units if suitably unique or filling a role I missed. HQ complete. Resource fortresses would be nice, current outposts (not HQ) need replacement.

The Reefback Wreckers - Scavengers who inhabit an area with very shallow water and take advantage of shipwrecks to the best of their ability. Very little in the way of cohesive design.
Current Status: I have no idea, anything that doesn't fit anywhere else will probably end up in their hands sooner or later. Could probably use some air units.

The Corensian Monarchy - Among the older factions, the Monarchy uses heavily armoured galleons retrofitted into paddle-steamers and similar designs. Reliant upon broadsiding ability with massed cram cannons.
Current Status: Work ongoing. Aerial Navy still requires work, more naval designs also required.

The Old World Coalition - The oldest faction, the Coalition comprises survivors from the world before the cataclysm who want to return the world to its previous state. They use large numbers of missiles, helicopter-based air vehicles, large jets and thrusterfoil craft with sealed pilot cabins, as well as drones. Units are primarily defended by active defenses such as shields, and should be very fragile under them. Should ideally have more air units than sea units.
Current Status: Most sea vehicles ready, need medium combat thrusterfoil and large drone factory thrusterfoil. Air force (which should be the bulk of the faction) has a grand total of one unit, submissions welcomed.

The Venom Lance - Primarily formed of mutants (and as a result constantly at war with the Old World Coalition), the Lance is less a faction formed of ideology and more one formed of necessity. They have a close alliance with the Iron Devotion. At this point in time, I'm unsure where I'm going with them - I may want to make use of stealth designs or ekranoplans.
Current Status: On hold until earlier factions are closer to completion.

New Autonomous Alliance - A faction formed of rogue AI programs, the Alliance is unreasonable in the extreme. Uses craft with sabot miniguns. Aesthetic theme undecided. May be ditched later on, so don't assume they'll be in the final campaign.
Current Status: On hold until earlier factions are closer to completion.

The Forged Embers - Originally a bunch of crazy survivalists, the Embers quickly turned to valuing manufacturing ability and craftsmanship after the formation of its Admiralty. Ships are similar to old-fashioned ironclads and pre-dreadnoughts, supported by heavy zeppelins. All non-aerial craft should be excessively heavily armoured.
Current Status: On hold until earlier factions are closer to completion.

The Tides of Progress - The only non-native faction on Foreldi, the Tides arrived fleeing from the Scarlet Dawn and briefly skirmished with the Embers, whose colour scheme was mistaken for that of the Scarlet Dawn. The Tides are currently on good terms with most factions, and has provided technology lost in the cataclysm to each (except the Reefback Wreckers, who ended up with it anyway). They use high-tech hovercraft and two-part mechs, among other advanced craft, and are the only faction permitted to use EMP in any weapon system other than a disruptor head.
Current Status: On hold until earlier factions are closer to completion.

Link to the campaign's Steam Workshop page

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