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Khirihinza Civil Yard Corp. Light Cruiser Larikuwanun

(2016-04-17, 11:02 PM)Monklizard Wrote:
(2016-04-17, 05:14 PM)magma8520 Wrote: THAT, is awesome, it bears resemblance to the Empire of Rising Sun's super mecha from Red Alert III, somehow.

I'm glad that ya like it. Those head, when ya mentioned me Red Alert III, I'm just noticed that the citadel I build its err... Giga fortress? Well have ya test that my weirdo battleship?Smile

Yeah, sadly i can't test anything on my part, my laptop cant load anything in total of 8K blocks (yes that includes enemy) and i play with 3 yea..
all my designs are rather small because of that reason.

(2016-04-18, 04:56 AM)magma8520 Wrote: Yeah, sadly i can't test anything on my part, my laptop cant load anything in total of 8K blocks (yes that includes enemy) and i play with 3 yea..
all my designs are rather small because of that reason.

Ark.. I remember that time when ya show some arty firing and then Yao Ming meme appear, I see l... I got same reason why I don't wanna built capital battleship blocks reach 20k above... I can feel the forces my CPU and... Lag engaged, except this one, combined unit, but weird is there is no lag happened for this weirdo battleship I made of.Smile

Dinner time!! 1:35 am, where many ppl is already in the bed and zzzz mode, except me, still roaming around in the office, some of them playing fb games, while I was eating and drinking, and sort my art concepts for my clients, before meeting call me at 5 am. And a little free time to sketch some my battleship plans, some of them are normal battleship classes while the others are Khirihinza Battleships, sorry for my crappy mobile phone. Here's what it looks like.

[Image: bb8rrbW.jpg]
Too small for ship size? I zoom it more...

[Image: 7NdH3BM.jpg]
I think this might clear a bit, at least.

Oh, wow,you're a great artist Tongue nice to see a fellow artist xD , although mine's leaning more to Anime-style. i can't draw straight lines Sad
Tho, u seems to really love teethered vehicles.

(2016-04-23, 06:54 PM)magma8520 Wrote: i can't draw straight lines Sad
Tho, u seems to really love teethered vehicles.

Errrm... Not really, I'm also bad at making straight lines, because my hand is shaking sometimes, it depend on my brain, if my brain is worn out so much, I'm shaking even more than normal. Hah hah. I'm sure my coworkers thinking I'm a freak.

Teethed vehicle, depend on him/her role, most of this design sketches are close quarter battleships, build only one purposes, to ram enemy vessel, and my men will handle enemy crews inside, to take our trophies, enemy intellectual and more.

I'm not remember when that fb game when to shutting downed since the hackers roaming around and it's out of control, but I managed to recover this... My precious blueprint as a sign of designer and arts freak back in 2008 if I'm not mistaken. Just to share this my blue print I made, I'm not promise yet when the right time I can build this,

Name: Kraken
Corp: Red Hand (honestly I'm not.remember the real name)
Class: Destroyer

[Image: H83HkD9.jpg]

[Image: DXtUfkc.jpg]

Us, monster of the zee?

more like that. yea... at behind there's a 2 tentacles moving like swim to the front, this is the original concept from the fb game.

Im sure some of you guys remember this game back in 2007-2010 if im not mistake the time game duration before they going to shutting down.

[Image: latest?cb=20120106104135]

The second "living citadel" has formed, but half complete, they seems to know well about the naval combat already, dealing the humias battlship with large amount of blocks, the Khirihinza tinkers didn't want to waste the resource so much like humias already did, because, they said, the mother Kinnaza nature will be mad upon us, we must respect the gift from our Goddess of Kinnaza. Well... here some picture the constructions prop they currently build right now.Sleepy

[Image: nADhjtU.png]

ps: Most of my battleship class, and Khirihinza Battleship were build here, based on the ship length, height and wide as well.Smile

At last, the second Khirihinza Battleship class is finished, most of the Khirihinza tinker brought their belongings, like, bed, blanket, tooh brush, everything related like, bed room equipments,and they took my drawing board inside as well, without my permission? Really they are... Ok, back on the main topics, their second battleship, I'm sure most of you guys... well erm... as a human being, I understand why the battleship we made is not large. or long, well I think you know already right? Build a larger ship, huge amount of blocks, causing your pc performance going shyt, this quite large, but ironic is... I cant feel the lags, even I can summon most of the light cruisers is ok, approx 4 light cruisers so far. They name him... Hazafajin Battleship.

[Image: eKCjeS3.jpg]

[Image: 9XzIzRC.jpg]

Hazafajin Archive

Many ppl start convince her to revived their long lost ancient weapons their elders fought during the Ancient Wars, but Shahza told them many time, be careful to using this forces, using too much lead your mind turn into the greedy, corrupted, arrogance's, anything bad will change you, that's what out leader told us, be a balances, I (Shahza) still don't get it, why our leader told me to not use the Ancient Weapon so much, he said, he and Ishtirinia when to the lost ancient library, Ishtirinia told us based on her knowledges on ancient languages written in the glyphs, she said, "who ever ppl of the Kinnaza possessed the power the Ancient Weapons, will lead her/his path... goes the wrong path, you might become, too superiority, you might loosing your own path, abandon your own will, or humanity, turn into cold bloody minded person, many ppl from the outer spaced were fallen by their own "Ignorance", lead the path on destruction, and pre-destruction in our world" I was remain silence after heard that from her. A month later, Monklizard and Ishtirinia called me, meet them at the Docking Station 4, I when there, I saw the elder from the North Region of Kinnaza, why he's here, Ishtirinia told me everything, from her sight she doesn't found any... "evil intentions" toward us, he volunteered himself to add his soul into the "Living Citadel" project I currently work on, I disagree that process, the elder told me, his life time is almost short, at least, let me be a part your legacy of the Kinnaza Ancient Machines, he never saw this machine can float on the ships, he pad on my forehead, He told me, Ishtirinia, and Monklizard with his lower voice, I may be old, but my spirit to help my young races is strong, I understand she doesn't want me to become sacrificing process, at least, let me ride on that "thing". Without delay, Monklizard raise him on his shoulders walk in into the unnamed living citadel, once he step on the decks, his eyes start to glowed, he was smiles, he told us, "My childs... you don't need to sacrifice me, this machine you build is alive, and you... young humia, I would like thankful to taking care of me, since Hialda summoned you all, although I was old person, but, my combat experiences never dulls, many of ancient races were afraid at me, because I'm... Vortafajin, the last warrior of the Fajin Tribe. Called me... Vortafajin Chieftalva.



[Image: NxKqsGN.jpg]


300mm Twin Canon Vortafajin Turret, at front: ( Inertial Fuse, 3x HE )

2x 300mm Single Canon Bahamahsi Turret, left and right: ( Inertial Fuse, 3x HE )

100mm Twin Canon Totembolt of Merahan, below: (Sabot Head, 2x Sabot)


12x torpedo tube, launching at the target range 1250m


2x Laser Station, Middle. 1 Q switch.


8x Missile Interceptors, front range. Range 1100m hostile missile reactions.

Bunch of Laser Defences.

Misc, Healing Powa... but not powa in enemy faction mode. T_T



4x 500mm Khirihanian Canon, two at front, left and right, same goes at behind, ( Sabot, Solid ), ( Shape Charge Head,HE, Inertial Fuse) testing type, (2x EMP Inertial Fuse )


21x Firecracker M. Launchers, Camera + IR system, with our firework shows as well!

7x Laser Guided Missile Launchers.


20x Missile Interceptors


Some memes art and my drawings as well, look around in the Hull Part!

Blueprint added at [Image: lypyBRI.jpg]

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