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Khirihinza Civil Yard Corp. Light Cruiser Larikuwanun

(2018-05-29, 05:17 PM)blaze125 Wrote: woops, i always thought that since i saw your ships...
sorry about that...

It's ok. I show some reference where I took from. Have ya ever heard the Nusantara? At the South East Asia region, it was once many Empires at there. So... I took the reference from....

[Image: Istana%2BMelaka.jpg]

[Image: babania_sultanate_palace_museum_melaka_banner-1.jpg]

Malacca Empire

[Image: Traditional%2BHouse%2Bof%2BMinangkabau%2...umatra.jpg]

Minangkabau House Theme.

And some more themes I took from...Indonesia...Thailand... Philippine... ya need to google it if ya wanna catch more of themes for my Naval Theme styles XD

Ah... so you styled it like it but it isn’t themed that way... also I like the upward curved roofs
(automated cruiser) sir we are sinking
(robot) well... thats a problem... time to make a larger boat
My insanity shall prevail mua h̴̵̨͍͓͎̱͐̂̂́̊͗͑̽͞ą̛̛̰͕̲̊ͥͫ͐ͨ͞ h̴̡̨̢̢̼̤͍͓̩̻͇̻̼̟̖̮̙͎͉ͮ̈́͛̆̎ͩͦ̊̿͑̔̅̐̅͘͢͠a͏̷̢̢̨̤̜͓͈̺̜͓̗̟̭̗͓̪̭̺͍̞̣͇͖͓͓̙̬ͫ̓ͬ̉̊̈͆̏͛ͬ͆̑̍̿̑̉́ͮͯ̋̏͋́̚̕̚͢͟͠͠͞͝ͅ

(2018-05-30, 11:33 AM)blaze125 Wrote: Ah... so you styled it like it but it isn’t themed that way... also I like the upward curved roofs

I wish I would like to make full details based on that references. But I think I mixed up with others so I can feel...original with my own ways. XD Thanks for the Upward Curved Roofs.

Time to upgrade my General Information for my Naval Branch, Khirhinza Civil Yard Corp.

This is the 50% completed so far. The only left is to lightings and shadings, lastly... the background.
[Image: JDwyBJG.png]

It's quite a long time since I released the Larikwanun's Brotherhoods light cruiser, Larikwanun. It is time he entering the Remake Version. After that several his brother's ships and special flagship for the Larikwanun Brotherhoods. Let's start the Remake version first.

[Image: Sc5Ip61.jpg]

[Image: oykwwas.jpg]


Two years ago when Larikwanun and his brothers Kawanun, Kiwanun, Kowanun and Kuwanun band together to change their island from the Tourist attractions became the Light Cruiser Facility to build their first Light Cruiser, Larikwanun. but Larik Iwanun did not like that way to change their islands become the military activities. After the considerations, only two islands were used to build the Light Cruiser shipyards. After that, they changed again to make the Medium cruiser and Heavy Cruisers. The reason they build their island become the fortress because due to activities from the Alexandria armadas and Elestriazial's Forces using their open sea to the north-west and north from their island as their supply lines. Lead the people of Lariwanuns of fishermen and coral keepers were threatened. With his current cruiser is not reliable to fight against the Alexandrian fleets. Especially their armors and firepowers much better than Larikwanun's ships. With a helps from the Khirihinza's Constructors and Khirin's Family Summoners accelerating their next developments to build the variant cruisers instead of one type. But Larikwanun never forsakes the first design he made of. He proposed to Khirihinza Constructor to upgrade or Remake his ship to become a better than the old one. Weeks later, Larikwanun Remake has completed.

Larikwanun Remake is not so much different from the actual old Larikwanun. Only different is the visual slightly changed. The armaments position still the same, and updated new weapons for the close range by adding 400m Twin Barreled with the smoke canister to blind the enemy sight before they realized what hit them next. However... he sacrificed the Torpedo from the back. In order to make a little space behind to add Fuel Refinery to extend the combats.

Development started after Larikwanun realized the old one not reliable against the latest weapons from the Alexandria Fleets. 23 (based on ppl downloads. XD) Were upgraded or Remake entered. 60 remained on standby to make a mass variant uses.


[Image: jDGKwOu.jpg]


1x of 400mm Twin Barrel Kwanun Canon. Primary Weapon, APS. Azimuth systems, Good against any naval units. Moderate against fast aircraft or vehicles.

2x of 90mm Kwanun AA Canon. Secondary Weapon, APS. Azimuth systems, Great against aircraft. Moderate against medium and large size vehicles.

2x of 400mm Twin Barrel Kwanun Canon. Support Weapon, APS, Azimuth systems. Great against any units who come close to him. Moderate against far distances.
- Attached 2x of 4 gantry Firework Launchers. Support Weapon, Missiles. Act as Greenade Good against any units who come closer.

1x of Quad Kwanun Autocannons, Secondary, Simple weapons. AA focused. Good against small aircraft.

2x of Twin Kwanun Autocannons, Secondary, Simple weapons. Moderate against any units, Good against small aircraft.


4x Kwanun Mixed Flares and Radar Buoys


1x Hazafajin Repair Ward


1x Passive Radar 360
3x Camera 90
1x Range Finder 5m Armor
1x Telescope Gimbal

Meet my latest the Remake version in the Light Cruiser Bay to see more. Ah yah... don't forget to visit my old version too. I might use that to train my crews for the next wars against the humias invaders.

[Image: 8Su4wzd.jpg]

~Larikwanun Old Version Download~

Since the remake version, Larikwanun has released. It is time for 2nd Brother...Kuwanun, or... Larikuwanun. The AA Light Cruiser class ready to serve.

[Image: 3LhRfjt.jpg]

[Image: EkpPZ9L.jpg]


After Wanun (Larikwanun) enter the Remake version, he suggested to his brothers that they should make their own vehicle rather use Larikwanun ships but different brothers so Wanun decided to start with the Kuwanun ship. During on process to finalize the ship role. Kuwanun read all the battle reports upon the north shore at Haizahi Island, Kuwanun saw the enemy using some sort the flying stuff that supports their supplies to their fleets and some of them patrolling around the Elestriazal trading routes as well. This might be useful if Kuwanun ship turns his Light Cruiser role against aircraft. That means is AA Cruiser will take the place. After the considerations between his older brother Kwanun, he went to their construction yards built by Khirihinza's peoples and proceed the constructions. A week later, Larikuwanun is released and test it the combats. Although the combat test is not really worth to test it due to the combat zone are mostly ground and sea surfaces. Laters, some group of mercenaries from Elestrizal and Hasghala rampaging the Northwestharia area by using their gunships and planes to bombard the villages. This is a good opportunity by using the Larikuwanun AA cruisers to intercept the enemies. It was the successful to shot down the enemies but didn't go well for Gunship since they managed to escape from the battlefield zones. Unfortunately, one of Larikuwanun severe damaged by the bombers. Learn the experiences from those attacks. Kwanun requested the Hazafajin to send more of Repair Cores to fused on the Larikuwanun AA Cruiser. So he can heal the ship and makes the survivability much longer. 

Larikuwanun is the AA Light Cruiser. His weapons have four machine guns. Two for AA, Two for Multi-task combats. Also, Larikuwanun uses two turrets for AA Flaks. Using the non-autoloaders to reduce the risk getting chain explosions. Although the AA Flak is not so fast for Rate of Fire. But still, its good to go to shot down any medium or large size of aircraft...however it depends on the distance between the Kuwanun and enemies since they limit themselves the range targets.

Development started after Larikwanun finalize Kuwanun AA Cruiser. 10 was built, five was used to engage the enemy mercenaries, 1 severely damaged. Later, six Larikuwanun has been fused with Hazafajin Repair Core.


[Image: 6SxfxcK.jpg]


- 2x 90mm Kuwanun's MG canons. Primary weapon, APS. AA combats. 
- 2x 120mm Kuwanun's Autocanons. Primary Weapon, APS. Multi-tasking combats. Good against any units. Moderate against medium and large sizes.
- 2x  6th barrels of 236mm Kuwanun's AA Canons. Secondary Weapon, APS. Non-Autoloader.  Originally AA weapon. But It can used on Multi-task combats.

- 14x 6m gantry Missile Launchers. Secondary Weapon, Missiles. AA Combats. 


- Bunch of Laser Defences or LAMs.


- Hazafajin Repair Box. Act as self-repairing systems instead of using Repair Bots.


- 1x Camera 360
- 1x Passive Radar 360
- 4x Camera 90
- 1x Radar Gimbal
- 1x Laser Range Finder Tracker
- 1x Wireless Snooper
- 1x Infra Vehicle Transmitter

~Direct Download~


~Ya can find him at the...~
[Image: 8Su4wzd.jpg]

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