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Khirihinza Civil Yard Corp. Light Cruiser Larikuwanun

Thanks... err... TTGL? What was that?

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, it has mechs the size of the universe, and beyond.
Centralised Communities Front Directorate
Kiso best Light Cruiser. Nagato Best BB.
3100 Hours Ingame and Counting

Oh I see.. I was thinking that ya mean something related about twin guard, hehe

With my big sister(Ishtirinia) patiences , Ishifarati is finished, the 3rd sis. The only left is 2nd sis... Ishtirahi. But, waiting Ishtirahi, with Monklizard screaming in radio transmission making her patience... "zero tolerance"... she when to the Khirihinza office, take some mechanic equipment, she's joined with other tinkers for Ishtirahi next cruiser... med cruiser.

[Image: rkJTGyc.jpg]

[Image: nwJjiCi.jpg]

Ishifarati Archive

Before I turn my new version right now, most of my old version is mass produced, one of my cruiser my "chieftalva" take one of my for his mission to the Neter World, I impressed that my cruiser become a flagship during the conflicts. Later, we just intercepted one of my chieftalva radio that they suffered from attacks, the attackers known as White Flayer, and Lightning Hood. This is a reason why my big sis Ishtirinia become worried so much, and she grab my hand and when to the Khirihinza Office and proposed me, but I didn't have a knowledges like my big sis have, although her intell not so much, she's very responsibilities. They are agreed to build a new version of my Ishifarati Retrofitted? Or Revision? The Khirihinza tinkers quite enjoyed by using their shamanistic element, and summoners as well, making my new version it took only 4 hours to complete mine, here I am... my new version of Ishifarati, light cruiser, the speed is far better than my old version... Im quite surprised, although I lost my "laser" capabilities. she replaced my new weapon like, mass of torpedos below my belly... at least my big sis is alway cares of me and other sis. I'm good at running too, but my big sis not allowed me to do such reckless decision, I understand her concern, that she is well organized her fleets very well. FOr now... I like my bridge look like hill top hut for relaxing, but my big sis feels somethings is not right. She said, she help me again to make my citadel better look than current. this is it. I'm going now, to sit on my new version! And here's the comparison of my cruisers.

[Image: SdRTLJ6.jpg]

General Info

[Image: CW5mBTw.jpg]

They said they forgot to upload data of my armament... so not available for now... hehehe.

My blueprint added to the Light Cruiser Class, feel free to look around~!

Wow. The new ship is really crazy looking.

Have we finally reached the limit of 2 much aesthetics? Your boats are so detailed that it is impossible see many of the details in a picture. Nice design.

(2016-04-07, 03:06 PM)SageThe13th Wrote: Wow. The new ship is really crazy looking.

Thanks to the Khirihinza tinkers they're started to make their own vessels I was away to neter world to finish my mission before I'm going back to Kinnaza world.

(2016-04-07, 03:08 PM)A Lemming Wrote: Have we finally reached the limit of 2 much aesthetics? Your boats are so detailed that it is impossible see many of the details in a picture. Nice design.

Wop wop, hold it, I believe that someone in the forum already build their over-aesthetics, ya? About details...err I have no idea to speak of, I also received some dudes from the Steams said the same things about my design... details.... hmmmm...

"Its me, Ishtirahi, 2nd of my big sis of Ishtirinia,call me Rahi its fine, with her efforts, my vessels almost complete, but my towers not yet, my power systems, might be weird a bit but don't worry about it, it will ok! I'll take my picture the progress she made of so far~!"

Ishtirahi, 2nd sister of Ishtirinia.

[Image: CjMFAZS.png]

Its finished! My big sis finalized her very well, but my big sis face quite pale a bit, she spent her time to setup my ships, my ammos... engines, bridge systems, turret placements... I told my big sis that take the rest I handle a bit, I'll drop you some intel's about my Medium Cruiser Class ship.

[Image: a8Aglje.jpg]

[Image: RZWMozW.jpg]

Ishtirahi Intel

Making my medium cruiser class is quite tough to me, especially my big sis, Ishtirinia when to the Monklizard Office, she searched all about... amphibians pattern, like U 65 Sungai Petani, her eyes stood at that blueprint, she marked the data through her hands, extracted through her Sight Ability to remember the pattern what she's going to planed now. It took about 3 days to complete my ship, at least around 90% with all armaments, and other systems is green, I told her my ability capabilities is all about broadside attack style, just like my Lancing the enemy with my footman fight! 10% left, and I told my big sis, her face looks pale, she didn't eat and drink, I understand her concern regarding on the radio transmission the situation of our chieftalva's. I'll carry on her left over works, its late night already, most of the shipyard workers when to sleep already, until the morning, my ship... is finished... fiuhh.... I hope that my ships is well in combat, its been a long time I, Istifarati and Ishtirinia, the The Sister of Green claw Reptile, unite together, ready to fight with our chieftalva. Gotta form my warriors from Eastern Region to assist me, I think at least, 16 ships would be involved to go to the Neter World!

Ishtirahi Armament

[Image: D0ht9rF.jpg]


250mm Triple barrel Ishtiharan, Main Canon (2x EMP, Inertial Fuse) (2x HE, Inertial Fuse)
6x 6m long standard missiles, IR and Camera system.

3x 70mm Green Totem Turret: Ishtiharan. Two at behind, left and right, one at above. (2x Sabot, Solid, Base Bleeder, Sabot Head)

8x 1616m CRAM Canon Turret, 4x at right, and 4 at left, broadside attack.


2x 6m long Missiles, Turret.

8x 6m long Firecracker Launchers, 4x at right, and 4x at left. Broadside attack.


8x 3m Missile Interceptors, add sticky flares as extra fireworks~!


2x Reptile Charm at left and right.

3x Repair Ward chanted by Khirihinza ppl

8x Extra Armor fortified for heavy punishments!

Blueprint added at the Medium Cruiser Class, feel free to look around!

While Ishtirinia, Ishifarati and Ishtirahi assemble their warriors from the Eastern Region, I'd make some minor update at front page, replace naval class into a something, nice looking... better look? I guess... and... they are three more company we will release soon! For now... that Shahza eager wanna show her "special" unit she dream for during the Kinnaza Conflict, so... tomorrow I release her company...

Shahza Tribalist Community Service Corp

Corp Leader: Shahza
Gender: Female
Race: Red Wing
Specialty: Ancient Totem Machine, more likely Automaton Classes.
Role: Be a the best Tinker Union at Kinnaza. And helping my kins and other as well to restoring back crops whoever been polluted by humias....

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