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Khirihinza Civil Yard Corp. Light Cruiser Larikuwanun

[Image: P9lM6A3.jpg]

Corp Leader: Monklizard

Gender: Male, of course!

Race: Human, for them, humias.

Specialty: Water Based vessel combat, since I've been hooked with them, slightly different from the human ship concept. Still struggle with gun formations, because, Khirihinza ppl doesnt like the diamond formation so much, because, those are humias ideal or concept of warships making.

Role: Leader, Admiral, and Odd Job Carpenter, I focus on Naval ships only, and... founder of the RIAH Conservator Army, for Kinnaza. Although I'm a Hialda's Eidolon, a little bit lower rank to me.

Feel free to visit the other Corps as well, don't click at middle because that's me!

[Image: LFKkJlX.png]

Before Khirihinza Civil Yard establish, we're once wanna revive our old military naval from my country, Kriegsmarine. But it's changed since the Khirihinza thinkers want to revive their lost technologies due of the Kinnaza's ancient wars and humias (Humans) invasions. I agreed to lend my knowledge from the long lost tech from the WW II I managed to recover from the past. So this is it... Khirihinza Civil Yard Corps, we never... ever... build for the military purposes! Build for civilian protections only, and public test drive, you might see most of my design are military look like, but not really a military-ish ya thinkings.

The warship design looks like... semi-modern warfare, spiritual icon, and a bunch of totembolt, as well as tribal emblem, attach to the warship. The gun formation we're not using so much as such "diamond formation", mostly are the hexagon, pentagon, or flowers pattern formations, still broadside tactic, but mostly front hull combat and close quarter warship... jump to the enemies deck, and... loot it!

Class type, most likely they're built more of Heavy Cruiser, Medium Cruiser, and Light Cruiser. We have the battleships, but minors due to limited supply lines from Eastern Kinnaza region and South East Kinnaza Region to the Central Region, until Wilma, and her Kinnaza Geomancers research some strange foundation we looking now... "Gift of the Kinnaza" formula... I'll tell more about it later.

Since the first page for Blueprint's were full. I decided to open the second slot for the next page. Feel free to look around~!

Light Cruiser

Medium Cruiser

Heavy Cruiser


Khirihinza/Automaton Battleship

Aircraft Carrier




Warship Class

[Image: OHKlDEb.jpg]

.blueprint   Bahshir_A.blueprint (Size: 861.4 KB / Downloads: 181)
Bahshir 1 Battleship, his service has ended,now its in decommission process, but we put this on the left over blueprints to all who need it.

Fabamoos (On halt, due to supplies changes, sorry for that )

Ishtamarishi (Almost complete, just need to balance her ballast, keels, and her mass)

.blueprint   Khirihinza 01.blueprint (Size: 639.92 KB / Downloads: 296)
Khirihinza 01 Data

[Image: lAG2ezU.jpg]

.blueprint   Larikwanun.blueprint (Size: 214.75 KB / Downloads: 137)
Larikwanun's Data

.blueprint   Ishtavuna.blueprint (Size: 190.73 KB / Downloads: 146)
Ishtavuna Data

.blueprint   Ishifarati_Retrofited.blueprint (Size: 284.56 KB / Downloads: 178)
Ishifarati's Data

.blueprint   Ishifarati_Retrofited B 1.blueprint (Size: 296.34 KB / Downloads: 143)

.blueprint   Magharal_Ausf_A1.blueprint (Size: 309.17 KB / Downloads: 174)

.blueprint   Vaunatu_A.blueprint (Size: 395.39 KB / Downloads: 164)

.blueprint   Vaunatu_B.blueprint (Size: 412.43 KB / Downloads: 171)

[Image: t4cMDdn.jpg]

.blueprint   Baharukhirin.blueprint (Size: 362.25 KB / Downloads: 150)
Baharukhirin's Data

.blueprint   Usharbukhirin.blueprint (Size: 382.68 KB / Downloads: 144)
Usharbukhirin's Data

.blueprint   Ishtirahi.blueprint (Size: 385.96 KB / Downloads: 153)

.blueprint   Panglima Keling Permulaan.blueprint (Size: 119.04 KB / Downloads: 140)

.blueprint   Panglima_Keling_50.blueprint (Size: 426.58 KB / Downloads: 137)

.blueprint   Panglima_Keling_75.blueprint (Size: 459.54 KB / Downloads: 141)

.blueprint   Panglima_Keling_85.blueprint (Size: 623.44 KB / Downloads: 136)

.blueprint   Panglima_Keling_100.blueprint (Size: 535.55 KB / Downloads: 292)

[Image: TdIjwHe.jpg]

.blueprint   Ishtirahi A 1.blueprint (Size: 433.1 KB / Downloads: 144)
Ishtirahi A1's Data


.blueprint   Vaunatu II Ausf A.blueprint (Size: 409.43 KB / Downloads: 139)
Vaunatu II's Data

.blueprint   Yurjokhirin .blueprint (Size: 436.17 KB / Downloads: 139)
Yurjokhirin's Data

.blueprint   Massan.blueprint (Size: 582.62 KB / Downloads: 272)

.blueprint   Rumakhirin.blueprint (Size: 431.36 KB / Downloads: 159)
Rumakhirin's Data

.blueprint   Ishtirinia.blueprint (Size: 455.77 KB / Downloads: 160)
Ishtirinia's Data

Laharkibashka ( Completed, waiting to release her...soon...)

[Image: lUpqxDq.jpg]

.blueprint   Bataluru.blueprint (Size: 207.67 KB / Downloads: 158)

.blueprint   Mohsurn_A.blueprint (Size: 126.94 KB / Downloads: 163)

.blueprint   Mohsurn_B.blueprint (Size: 131.38 KB / Downloads: 149)

Lakari A (Completed, waiting for release)

Lakari B (Weapon placement from A. but not complete yet)

[Image: z8hf5G0.jpg]

.blueprint   Sungalaman.blueprint (Size: 387.84 KB / Downloads: 153)
Sungalaman's Data

.blueprint   Seehund_A.blueprint (Size: 67.16 KB / Downloads: 136)
Seehund A's Data

Seehund B (Make her fat a bit, coming soon)

[Image: lypyBRI.jpg]

.blueprint   Hazafajin.blueprint (Size: 798.51 KB / Downloads: 157)
Hazafajin's Data

.blueprint   Atasvaran.blueprint (Size: 717.75 KB / Downloads: 247)
Atasvaran's Data

The proper naval term for turrets such as 'diamond' shaped is wing turrets, which are the ones mounted on the side. center-line turrets are the ones on the center. And pictures?
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

I will add em, but need some major modifications all my ships, since new patches, I will start with Mohsurn A and B first, because those are well ok... for me Big Grin

[Image: m7hDbYD.jpg]

Mohsurn A and B Archive

It looks like Mohsurn wanna show their... small effort and their role as well. Their design might be similars from DWG Scrapper, actually we build them after DWG conflict, take some their layout, once we understand their pattern, and small functions as well...although they are lack of fire powers, but harassing enemies with their AP, if they tag along with medium cruiser would be easier jobs to them.. because, we used them to getting close to the enemy ships, and... hijack them and... get our trophy, and return to the base for research data from enemy spoiled vessels. Mohsurn A role is to taking down enemy aircraft in range at least 700m wide range. While Mohsurn B harassing enemy ships by using any obviously Firecracker launchers, and good at confusing enemy missiles using IR system. They might be ineffective in small group, they're more effective... in... fleet power! For example: 1 battleship, 2 cruisers (any type ) , 2 Submarines, and 2 boats (Mohsurn), of course battleship might be enemy first target, but depend on what enemy AI they set, some of them apply better AI like LUA system, this would be troublesome for Mohsurn A and B.


[Image: CXLbMc9.jpg]

Mohsurn A


2x 60mm APS middle, left and right (4x Sabot , Sabot Head)

2x 80mm APS behind, left and right (2x Solid, AP Capped)


14x 3m long Crappy EMP missiles, Laser Guided system (6x at left, 6x at right)

4x 6m long Frontal Missiles, IR and Camera for... "privacy materials"Tongue...

3m twin Thumper Crackers, dunnow it works or not... so far ok to me...

6m Explosive pack missiles, not sure this explosive good to break the chunk of metals or not. Laser guided system.

Mohsurn B

[Image: BeRgevA.jpg]


2x 80mm APS AA Gun at back, left and right. ( Sabot , Solid, Sabot head )

83mm APS Main AA middle ( AP capped, Solid )


2x 6m long Firecracker, axis turret.

14x 4m long Broadside Firecrackers, (6x at left, and 6x at right)

2x 7m long Frag missiles Main AA middle.

Pros Smile

A little bit of zig zag maneuvers, makes enemy AI targeting system hard a bit, or not.

Combat capabilities ok at med range, getting closer is the good choice... to hijack enemy ships.

Hurl of bunch Firecrackers to the enemy, sometimes, enemy missile might been fooled by our sticky flares, and... there's a chances that missiles going straight to their own vessel.

Minor power of shield at least, before turn into scrap mode... I guess...


Ammo part quite exposed from behind, giving opportunities by the enemy to shoot her from behind, and causing us unstables... worse case scenarios... engine down!

Rambot is well exposed with their side, because there's a ammo rack APS at left and right, resulting frag or explosive radius, and you dead...

Charging the enemy is the wise decisions, but charging the enemy with arming CRAM canon result a big hole on Mohsurn hulls.

EMP... EMP... probably lady luck hit our AI mainframes, and we're done for...

Blueprint added at front page, feel free to test our... drunking driver...ya feedbacks as always welcome~!Big Grin

Khirihinza folks really... really happy to release their 1st cruiser to assist me to the Neter world, since I had been struggled on White Flayer, and their ally as well... Lightning Hood. So... Rumakhirin has completed.Tongue

[Image: ZZGhK6y.jpg]

[Image: Kx3nEsT.jpg]

Rumakhirin Archive.

Why the Kinnaza ppl really happy build their 1st Commandship cruiser? Urm... you know... they are once upon a time was a nomad peoples, without a proper knowledge called... Science, they live under Elders teaching, the environmental spirits, some of them tried to broke their tradition, at 1st, Shahza, the one who have a good "Sight" ability when she saw what her best friends Hialda summoned four of Eidolons, mean is me (Monklizard), Alden, Wilma and Palvaton. We're giving them our knowledge, they are very... quick learned, until now. We when to the Neter World, after received the distress beacons from our homeland, Central Region Kinnaza. While we was gone at Neter, the Khirihinza build their own ship based on our old style from WW2 era, they finished the main hull, on the next steps, they start to figure out that, they remove citadel, or pagoda or whatever call it is, they replaced the citadel by put in their long lost Ancient Totem they acquired, the Rumakhirin Totem. Although the originally made of 100% woods, but this time... they made by themselves. A metal and a little bit of woods, with Shahza leave them some blueprint of her creation, Totem ward, they chanting them, float at the left and right. with some minor heal as well, they all cried during their test drive. But, problem is, they still lack some technical drive, some of them must be handle the engines, some of them must handle ammo loader systems, I cant blame them because they are young peoples, a young tribes who involved the mechanical or machine that they didn't know anything in the first placed, they decided to use their Summoner, adding code of the spells cast the portal to the Neter World to assist me. only 6 crews they when to get me.

Development started from old blueprint, converted into a spiritual element. A total 2x of Rumakhirin has built. 1 stay at Central region, 1 currently sailing to the Freedomia...

Rumakhirin Armaments

[Image: vWyxWRH.jpg]


250mm APS front Main Twin Canon ( Shape Charge secondary, HE, Inertial Fuse )

250mm APS behind, Twin main canon ( Shape Charge secondary, HE, Inertial Fuse )
2x 80mm Coaxial MG attached. ( HE, 3x Frag, Visible Tracer, Timed Fuse, Composite head )

2x 80mm Totembolt Turret, middle left and right. ( HE, 3x Frag, Visible Tracer, Timed Fuse, Composite head )

4x 100mm twin APS canon, middle, 2x at left and 2x at right : 2 different ammo like ( Sabot, Solid, sabot Head ) and ( 2x Solid, AP capped )


16x 4m long standard missiles, Laser guided system.

3x 7m long Torpedo, front

8x 6m long Torpedo, back range at least 1100 they take the action hurl them into the sea...


2x Sticky Flares
4x Spaced Armor (Shurzen) to protect from incoming missiles attempt to wreck our precious ammo racks canon.
1x Moogle White Charm at behind, because they all know thats the one only solution to keep their ship from explosions. (Ammo parts )


2x RIAH Totem Ward for healing.
Bunch of repair bots ready to served.

Blueprint added at the Front Page, feel free to look around~!

For some reason, your builds remind me of Lego sets. A mixture of their colour scheme, unorthodox 'cool' design and angular features, I suppose.

Lol there are so many aesthetics on each ship that they look kinda tropical or somethin. Gonna have to download an walk around them

Im glad ya like it, I think the paint job might be... awkward a bit, I need to repaint her from the scratch... Big Grin

Ishirinia started worry about my current situation at Neters, with her, weapon specialist ability, and good at Sight ability she managed draw a blueprint , a Command Cruiser for herself, Ishirinia.

[Image: brbgsLB.jpg]

[Image: 1OdzvHt.jpg]

Ishtirinia's Archive

Ishtirinia, proposed her blueprint to the Khirilhinza tinkers to make her personal command ship, since she was worried about me at Neter World since the last transmissions to the Central Region about the current situation at Freedomia , and multiple attacks from White Flayers, and their ally as well... Lightning Hood,the Khirihinza agreed and using all their knowledge of spirit mechanism to haste the super structure made by Ishtirinia, since war against humias quite lower a bit, with many spoiled of war from Eastern region, many humias ships were captured and brought it back to the Khirilhinza Docking Stations 4 for research and learn their concept the humias machines. She strapped humias main battery from battleship, salvage all parts and combine together and fit on her decks, although Ishtirinia is a Heavy Cruiser Class. And also they just discovered those light, and glass element could make a new weapon we didn't build before, the humias call it, "laser". Shahza didn't tell us that she's already discovered and already build a multiple automatons at battleships, and vindicators. we managed to put laser weapons at least five on Ishtirinia ship right now, tune up her engine power as well... the result is... "yay!" to all Khirilhinza tinkers, Ishtirinia was impressed that her Command finished, without delays she asked 2nd division from Rumakhirin, although her little sister, Ishtirahi and Ishtifarati wanna tag along with her, she asked a favor to the Khirilhinza tinker, they didnt mind if they working on more of Command Cruiser.

Development started from all humias spoiled of war ships they captured, only one build, and waiting 2 of her lil sisters ship as well.. based on their skills.


[Image: jjTBUH4.jpg]


2x 250mm triple canon, main canon, 1 at front and 1 at behind 2x ammo type: (2x HE, Inertial Fuse) and (Shape Charge, Shape Charge Head, Inertial Fuse)

4x 100mm canon, semi quad canon. 2x at middle left and 2x at middle right ( 2x Solid, Sabot, Sabot Head)


4x Twin Laser, two at citadel left, two at citadel right.

1x Black Totembolt at behind


8x 5m long vertical missiles, Single Pixel IR system.

10x 6m long torpodos.


Lots of laser defence system, as well at under water.


2x Repair Ward to chanting her ship. (heal)

2x Reptile Charm at side, left and right.

4x Spaced armor for ammo rack protection... duh...

Blueprint added at the Heavy Cruiser Class, feel free to look around, a feedbacks is always welcome~!Smile

Oh i love that one, looks like something straight out of TTGL
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