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Omega Frontier Division (OFD): Draft 1.

Name:Omega Frontier Division (OFD)

Theme- Simple and effective, nothing too fancy. Maybe more like poor gold miners off to stake their claim and mine dem mountains.


A bomber. Fast enough to be difficult to hit. Drops a tonne of simple bombs on head of enemy. Think the original shrike. Should destroy anything it can drop bombs on that is in the water or moving slowly below it.

A fighter. Inaccurate machine gun fire perhaps with timed fuses so it air bursts around you. gun in the nose. PIDs so that it flies nicely. If needs an upgrade could fire missiles out of rear end. Perhaps a lot of them.

Mortar ship. Ship that has at least 10 CRAM mortars. Short Range but puts out a lot of average strength CRAM shells. Similar to a Sailships Broadside, but facing forward.

A "tank" ship. Shielded and firing missiles down into the water that pop up and fly off. perhaps. CIWS turret sunk into roof. No shields on top so susceptible to bomb strike on the roof (specifically CRAM bomb chute). Perhaps a single forward mounted gun like the maurader has.


An anti aircraft ship. 16 or 20 simple IR seeking explosive missiles fired in a chain. Think Retiarius (the original from 1923 (or did game release in 1922?)). Primary role is anti aircraft.


The brawler ship / airship. Turreted cannons firing the faction's generic APS shells. has torpedos. Can have a single forwards facing shield or metal shield like in the "river home" or a combination of the two.

Faction Specifics

Missiles to be simple IR. No camera. Countered with heat decoys and flares.
No EMP defence on anything
No material preference neccessary
No laser production or laser use of any kind.
Shells to be explosive warheads only so that armour basically is effective. (no heat, hesh, emp)

So how is this faction countered?

Heat decoys and flares for the missiles
Speed and altitude for the bomber and the artilery.
Out maneouver and surround for the brawler.
Get through the shields and armour for the tank. Drop bombs on it?
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