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Faction Description / Summary / Lore

The Gray Talons

The Grey Talons are an ancient, tribal people, who've flown the skies of Neter since the "Age of Ascension".

The mysterious cloud-nations of the Grey Talons are somewhat of an enigma, having separated themselves, both culturally, and technologically, from the land-dwelling denizens of Neter. Fiercely protective of their borders, not much is known about the Grey Talons way of life, although it has been noted that where-ever a Grey Talons Sky-City is floating, the most terrible of sea-beasts are often seen cavorting in the waters below.

From what little contact there has been over the centuries, it is known that they are a tribal people, each tribe with its own Sky-City, although there are no exact numbers relating to how many tribes the Grey Talons consist of, or their populations.

Any attempts at accessing the Grey Talons territories, via land, sea, or air, has only ever resulted in quick devastation, and a few glimpses of an assortment of impossibly heavy aircraft, with impossibly massive cannons, blazing with the ferocity of the sea-beasts that follow them into battle. A ferociously protective people, we thank the (insert deity here) that they're even more rarely seen outside of their own borders.

(to be finished later, working out how/why/what their alliances are)

GT is different in that they have a Tribe system, each tribe has its own style and weapons list. So, functionally GT is like 4 or 5 New factions all in 1.
Below is the description of each tribe.

Tribe of the Iron Wing:
This tribe specializes in Fast flying attack aircraft with large wings and topped with over sized cannon turrets. Most cannons tend to have a very high fire rate, and they also use a variety of fast AA missiles.
New Additional Info: Iron wing is to function as the fast attack and Anti air tribe. They have standard shielding (as listed in the update thread).

Tribe of the Iron Blockade:

This tribe specializes in slow hovering battleships that are always supported by large armored VTOL helicopter systems.
Due to having a stable Firing platform they rely on Higher caliber cannons and Large missile and torpedoes with many warheads.
New additional Info: Iron Blockade is a low altitude tribe, they use Naval AI (if possible) so they can circle the enemy and broadside at distance. Their shielding is heaviest at the sides, not the front.

Tribe of the Rusted Ram:
The tribe, also referred to as "paintrains" used as "breakthrough" craft.
Larger aircraft are typically heavily armored on the front by Iron shields, this tribe specializes in breaking through the enemy lines and getting in behind.
They typically have good defensive abilities and rely heavily on cannons of all kinds.
New Additional Info: The craft are slow and supported with internal Heliblades to keep them hovering. They slowly advance with their heavily armored shields up front pounding on the enemy. Their shielding should have 1 additional level of shielding on the front and front bottom in addition to the normal shielding rules. Missiles should be used very sparingly.
Lore: This tribe at one time feared an ancient god know as the "Bovine destroyer" who would send rampaging herds of bulls into the tribes lands destroying homes and crops. Over time when the tribe developed vehicles and ships they would always make sure to include a cow guard on the front.

Tribe of Foreboding:
This tribe is the largest of all with the most powerful ships. Each ship is a flying fortress where hundreds of Gray Talons work and live.
Each Aircraft is defined by the under-slung "maw" cockpit at the from of the craft, and typically many walking paths and viewing platforms on the aircraft. Each Aircraft uses as much firepower as it can, using many kinds of cannons and missile/torpedo systems.

New Additional Info: None really, normal shielding is applied to them, and they can use any missile as stated above.

Tribe of the Crystal Keepers:
This is the rare and enigmatic Tribe of Mystics, who are charged with protecting Holy artifact Crystals that they use to power their vessels.
Each Aircraft revolves around displaying and protecting the Crystals.

New Additional Info: Armed the same way as Foreboding, but Crystal keepers get Repair Cheese and normal shielding

Faction Allegiances


Scarlet Dawn -100

Lightning Hoods: 10
Deep water guard: 25
White Flayers: 15
Onyx Watch: 25

Twin Guard 40
Steel Striders 45
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