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[TG] Cyclopes replacment - transformable thrustercraft/mech

weaponry : 100mm arm cannon, short range missile launcher
defence : smoke, flare, shield

When I heard the Cyclopes could be replaced, I remembered the my older craft, Mercury has a mono-eye... but it's too small to have the name of the giant.
OK, here is a bigger one!

This Cyclopes looks like a thrustercraft, but actually using heliblades to go ahead.
Anyway, I call this as a thrustercraft. Or can call as a ship because this craft has some similarity to the Enmity.
Because of its special propulsion units, moves really unstable so it's good to evade.

Several layered shields might be unlikely as a Thanatos's craft.
I heard mech ship can have some irregular equipments so I think Cyclopes can have irregular shields.
If the "mech ship" rule is not good for "transforming mech", I'll fix it.
[Image: W91HkZBl.jpg]
[Image: 9nWkXNql.jpg]
[Image: qwhDeFMl.jpg]
[Image: hc1O6sFl.jpg]
[Image: SfqRiUIl.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Cyclopes_v4.blueprint (Size: 132.56 KB / Downloads: 31)


I'm blown away by how awesome this is.
Maelstrom,Baron, you just got REKT!
(2016-03-30, 10:32 PM)Nick Smart Wrote: Metaladon is probably correct

I used to make submissions, like you, but then I fell in love with CRAM.....

Looking good, looking real good. Far more interesting design than the drumstick bomber. It's a bit flimsy at its current state though. Not that most craft around that size range are, but could you try upping the shield strength and try to give it some laser defenses? You said it has smokes but I didn't see them ever trigger. It would make for a perfect fit to the godly slot if it was a bit tougher.

Also during testing it sometimes flew straight to water while approaching the enemy. It didn't sink and turned into a weird wannabe-hydrofoil, but that just looks silly and should probably be fixed. It often happened around 1-2 km range when fighting enemy that was in the water while it was in the plane form.

Thank you for reply.
Reupload not to fall into the water.
Too unstable to use the smoke, so put laser shields instead.
Now this Cyclopes has soooo many shields and looks like godly, but doesn't have enough energy to resist both cannons and lasers.
Currently, good for cannons but cannot resist lasers.
Decrease the number of shields and go to the expert might be suitable?

There's no expert slot open so aiming for godly is likely your best bet. I did some extra modifications to see if I could improve it, and managed to make it a bit more durable.

-Added some smokes
-Added extra flares
-Added extra missile detectors

So now with both the smokes and the extra flares it seems to be extremely hard to hit with missiles, capable of evading all damage from the likes of Fury. Smokes allow it to go toe to toe with LH planes with an adequate chance of winning even the expert designs, though it usually takes damage in the process. It was often getting blindsided by missiles fired by faster aircraft so I added detector pointing backwards. You might want to check if it still flies as well as before (seemed so to me) if you want to keep this version.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Cyclopes_v3.blueprint (Size: 130.29 KB / Downloads: 38)

Ok that looks pretty terrifying.
A force as voracious as time itself.
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An enigma as vexing as life itself.
[Image: HjaVgvK.jpg]

Lightning Food, you thief!

This does look very good, gotta give it that.
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*Flips at table in frustration over his inability to build something similar to this*
[Image: Screenshot_2017-03-12_12.08.10.png]

I'm gonna cuddle you meow :3

Sorry, but I really want to see transforming mech flying in game! Cyclopes is last place for it.
Now Cyclopes can shoot down Moray, Pinnacle and low grade LH crafts (though not always).
Thank you for the advice!

Hey, love the design, looks great and the transforming bit is just awesome.
Performance wise it does pretty good, it likes to take a dip on occasions when transformed, but will pull itself out usually.

Im taking this as the Cyclopes replacement. I dont think its Godly, but should work as a low FP Expert Design.

It scored an unmodified FP score of 19, putting it in expert I would reduce it down to 15.

Coincidentally, there is a Gap in the Expert distribution that i had originally decided not to fill, but its nice that this fills that gap.
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