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Faction Description / Summary / Lore

In what ways are the OW supposed to use stone in their constructs as opposed to metal?
Nick Smart Wrote: I am a physicist, engineer and sailor, and most importantly, have read the WIKIpedia page on boat stability

Nick Smart Wrote: One does not simply fill battleships with helicopter blades without at some point feeling like an idiot


Stone might be used on structures to look like rock or the ground, but metal is superior in almost every way except cost.
(2015-08-17, 03:24 PM)TauNeutrino Wrote: 7/10 hijacks ALL my jokes.

I know you mention that they have no real air force, but I do believe there is a way to make it work. At the very least, for some black powder antiques designs, but the combat navy could potentially even use them too.

The idea is this:

The Onyx Watch "Air Force" is... actually some seafaring ships with propeller masts like those found on the airships in Final Fantasy 4. When they are out of combat, the land in the water and move about on the water (i.e. ACBs that turn off the propeller masts while out of combat). When saved as a file, you would make sure to do it after adding and removing a block while its out of combat so that the game spawns it like a normal ship, and it would only spin up the mast-propellers and take off when enemies are present. Why do this? FLYING WASTES THE PRECIOUS! So only use it when you need to.

The preferred weapons would be broadside-mounted heavy explosive guns, allowing them to be used whether in the air or landed on the sea surface. Canonically, when fighting a weak enemy, this allows them to not take off at all and to save resources by fighting as a surface vessel.

In the end, there is something worth noting. The Onyx Watch no doubt realizes that having an air presence is important. However, air presence is normally a resource-intensive thing to commit to. The Eirye (I always forget how its spelled) has some niche uses for OW command, but its frankly just too expensive to maintain to mass produce. Thus, the way I see it, an Onyx Watch air force would be a small handful of OW ships that can take off from the water for short periods of time, but which land in the water and move around with other ships on the water's surface like a normal ship most of the time so as not to waste fuel all the time. (Technically, the other option for this would be to have aircraft carriers or something, but that would be VERY unfitting for the Onyx Watch). Why raise a ship into the air? Having the high ground is a classic advantage, whether in medieval times or elsewhere.

Propeller airships that land in water when not in battle. Makes use of the strong ship hulls OW already has expertise for, and uses them for air power as well, while only being more fuel intensive during battles themselves.

Idea for general appearance:
-Basically, would be a standard castle ship hull (perhaps on the smaller side), with some masts on it that have large helicopter-style propellers on them at one or more points along their height. They may also have a backwards facing one to move forwards with in the air, but even in "air mode" they shouldn't be much faster than a typical OW ship. They would NOT use jets.
-Weapons would tend to be in-hull HE cannons with high gauge pointing out the sides, or in side-mounted turrets. If there were a particularly large one, it may have deck space enough for top-mounted guns to be on the deck's sides. Some may potentially try to use a large, slow moving HE flak sort of shell as a sort of OW attempt to make an aircraft that fights other aircraft, but these might only be on blackpowder antiques designs.
-These ships would be less common than normal ships (both spawn, and number of craft files), but might not be rare to the point of experimental units.
-They would tend to have smaller maximum size than surface ships.
-Some of them may use sails for forward propulsion.
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

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