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Higher (up to 496) PPF E3200 Blueline Mod

This T2E1.8 extendable engine has been derived from pevo12's E3200 Blueline engine [thread] by collecting as many exhausts as possible and feeding them through every turbocharger in the engine from the start, making the engine one block taller but maintaining power output and significantly increasing PPF at low RPM. While at one point in its development being a full collection engine the collection of the four exhausts per section now added in part way along required an additional block's width on either side and resulted in an improvement of only a few PPF.
The apparent trait of full collection engines achieving greater PPF at low RPM despite their use of turbochargers is also present in this engine, its PPF above peak at 15%-2% RPM falls gradually to 334 PPF for all lengths, though below peak PPF it drops even faster. The engine comprises of a first and extension section, the first section functions perfectly well as a complete engine but extensions to it improve PPF at lower RPM and the engine can be extended up to 12 times, beyond which exhaust gas batches expire fully and cause game performance problems or even crashes. Engine statistics, measured after temperatures stabilised, here:


All that is required to extend this engine is to apply the extension section to the rear of a single or already extended engine via prefab, however for each extension section three pipe sections pass from one to the other above the engine (couldn't find anywhere else for them to go), given they all fall in line and are few in number I have not included them in calculating the bounding box as they should pose very little trouble. Both sections have bounding box dimensions when combined (there is some overlap) of 5x6x7 resulting in final dimensions of 5x6x7n [n being the number of extensions+1), those three blasted pipes notwithstanding.


The blueprint provided contains a start and an extension section ready to be saved as prefabs, an example engine which has been extended twice and pipe openings at the rear closed up (for aesthetics), an example engine which has been extended once and the join highlighted, and an unextended engine and single E3200 Blueline for comparison. There is also an array of shield projectors for putting the engines under load and a pair of ACBs to toggle them (that helpful idea from KuramaFox).

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Higher (up to 496) PPF E3200 Blueline Mod - by Martyn1842 - 2016-03-12, 04:56 AM

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