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Laser Missile Defense mechanics

(2016-03-08, 04:03 PM)Cronos988 Wrote:
(2016-03-04, 04:16 AM)relic Wrote: You shouldn't use more than 3 Laser Stabilisers, because they become less and less effective the more you use. They also make your lasers require more energy (per shot) the more of them you use. This makes them less efficient in regards to points of damage per points of power used. However, the worst thing about using more than 3 stabilisers is that after the first few shots, your laser pumps won't be able to keep up with the energy drained (even with 4 pumps per cavity). This means while your initial damage will be higher, your damage will actually decrease rather than increase after the first few shots.
Stabilisers only affect the cavity line they are directly connect to, so if you split your cavitys in to different lines, you'll need 3 more stabilisers for each line.

This isn't entirely true. 4 laser pumps will always keep up with any number of destabilizers, as long as you only have one laser connected to the system. That is unless the laser system has changed since November.

Edit: To be more precise, 4 laser pumps will always fully charge a cavity between shots. What the destabilizer does is use up more of that energy, (which reduces the amount of energy that additional lasers connected to the same system have available) but it doesn't reduce the amount of energy available for the next shot. Lasers fire in "volleys" where each combiner connected to the system is calculated in sequence and only after all lasers have fired does the cavity recharge. That is why hooking a bunch of Anti-missile lasers up to the same system is usually a bad idea, because each laser you add will be weaker than the ones before it.

(2016-03-04, 04:16 AM)relic Wrote: To consistently do 100 damage per hit against a constant stream of missiles, with 2 doublers and 3 stabilisers, the number of cavitys (with 4 laser pumps each) you need depends on the number of lasers connected to the same system (provided they are all firing at the same time). Here's a simple list:

1 laser: 9 cavitys (starting at ~130 damage.)
2 lasers: 10 cavitys
3: 12
4: 15
5: 19
6: 24
7: 29
The number of cavitys listed here are the minimum number required to consistently get 100 damage hits, which means you might occasionally get hits below 100 damage. If you really want to be super, extra safe, just add 1 more cavity (with 4 pumps, as they are the important part).
If you need more than 7 missile defense lasers (that will all be firing at the same time), rather than connect them all to the same system, because of the diminishing returns it will require less blocks to divide them into different systems (for example 4+4), than to keep adding to the same system.

These numbers seem off (again, unless the laser system has significantly changed in the last 4 months). According to my spreadsheet calculator, with 3 destabs with 9 cavities you would indeed get 130 damage with one laser. But in order to get 100 damage on 2 lasers, you'd need 17 cavities. For 3 lasers, you'd already need 41 and to power 7 Anti-missile lasers with that setup you'd need 1435!

Basically, the required Nr. of cavities goes up exponentially. Using 3 destabilizers makes it a lot worse, because destabilizers and multiple LAMS lasers don't mix. Destabilizers increase both alpha damage and DPS at the cost of minimum damage, and minimum damage is what counts for LAMS.

My old spreadsheet can be found here:

From what I read, it should still be correct, but I am not sure.

Cronos, does this system work for LAMs as well as for standard laser systems? Would really like to have a way of calculating the correct number of cavities/pumps/destablizers/doublers necessary for a given number of nodes.
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The bad thing is that I calculate just sometimes.
The good thing is continous laser LAMS with only 100m range.
It takes on missiles and shells like a cheesegrater. Smile

On a side note continous laser for attack at 10second firing interval produces a shotgun effect on the enemy.
Firing continous laser without firing interval seems a waste because choppy detection.
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