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Content Managers

C. Hikari

Karbengo Karbengo

Speak to Hikari or Karbengo for anything regarding Neter (faction balance included) or other in development Planets. Designer worlds, multiplayer maps, story missions, factions, campaigns are all managed here.

Note that Hikari and Karbengo has a whole team of Keepers of the Lore (KOTL) working for him and you can identify them by their dark blue forum names.
Reviewed FtD on steam yet? It's the #1 thing you can do to help FtD (and future games by Brilliant Skies!), so please take the time!
Bug tracker - view, "upvote", comment on and add all bugs here.
Request tracker - request new features here
support - private portal to service desk

Are KOTLs going to be listed in this thread eventually? Or is this subforum only for actual company employees? Tongue
(2015-08-17, 03:24 PM)TauNeutrino Wrote: 7/10 hijacks ALL my jokes.

Current Active KoTL

GT: Dreadthrone and Chp2001
SS: 7thfleet

General Kotl: Pathos, Onlymostlyhere, Renthrak, Karbengo
"Ask for the world and you'll get nothing, ask for something achievable and you might actually get it." -Majyst

"Im a leaf on the Wind, Watch how I soar" - 'Wash' Washburne

"Exaggerating just pisses me off" -Majyst

"Shiny" -Captain Malcolm Reynolds

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