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Faction Description / Summary / Lore

Deep Water Guard

The DWG live in the desert archipelago of Janwall and use a variety of airships and salvaged vehicles to defend themselves and traverse the expansive deserts they call home.
The DWG are a group of people cast off from any real government but just trying to survive in their own little territory. They scavenge old derelict ships and splice them together into floating homes. Due to their isolation, living out on the water they are a little crazy and their designs reflect this.
The DWG have in recent years been provided with Shrike bombers by the Thorn Defense Industries, a corporation of the Steel Striders. The Steel Striders provided this anti ship bomber to help the DWG in their fight against the common adversary, the Onyx Watch.

Main features
Paddle wheels
Helicopter blades
Mainly wood
Metal chunks / trim
Mainly cannons and bombs. No lasers. few missiles.

Faction Allegiances

Onyx Watch = -60
White Flayers = -80
Lightning Hoods -15
Scarlet Dawn = -40

Twin Guard = 40
Steel Striders = 25
Gray Talons = 35

Example Vehicles

Sea Viper
Costs 1 fleet point
Spawns before 2 hours
Designed by developer
Fairly rubbish but it needs to remain that way.

Costs 5 fleet points
Spawns at any time
Designed by developer

Vanguard Retrofit
Costs 8 fleet points
Spawns after 2 hours
Designed by developer

Costs 8 fleet points.
Spawns after 1 hour.
Weak airship- I like this one.
Designed by Lemmington

Atlas Retrofit
Costs 20 fleet points.
Spawns after 2.5 hours.
medium strength airship.
Designed by Lemmington, updated by various people.

Costs 15 fleet points
Spawns after 2 hours
Designed by Kokiov?
Pirate ship equipped with huge cannon and a powerful broadside - I like this one.

Costs 20 fleet points
spawns after 3 hours
Powerful airship
Designed by Sveno

Costs 30 fleet points
spawns after 4 hours
Powerful airship
Designed by Sveno

Costs XX fleet points
spawns after Y hours
Very powerful airship
Designed by Sveno

Costs XX fleet points
spawns after Y hours
Capital airship
Designed by Sveno

Pedalo Paddlegun
Costs 25 fleet points
spawns after 3 hours
powerful paddleship
designed by Sveno

Costs 12 fleet points
spawns after 2 hours
House boat with dual mortar and protective shielding.
Designed by Majyst

Coffin Nail
Costs 18 fleet points
Spawns after 2 hours
Spinning vertical airship
Designed by Majyst

Resource Gathering Stations
None yet

Greystone fortress

Special Fleets
The Shrike bomber squadron- provided by Thorn Defence Industries, a Steel Striders Corporation.
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