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Weekly Contest #1 : Airship Aixtravaganza (+Weekly Contest Explanation)

Alright, this is how this is going to work - On Friday (Thursday only this first time) we will open a thread here, there will be a theme and restrictions, you can build a vehicle and submit it, or submit a previously made vehicle that fits the rules. It doesnt matter, its totally up to you.

However, keep in mind, a vehicle can only be submitted for a contest once, if you submit a vehicle for one contest, you'll never be able to submit it again for the duration of the contests.


Submissions will close Tuesday midnight (But i'l take anything i get before i make a new thread on Wednesday) At this point, i'l vet the vehicles to remove vehicles i think stand zero chance and if necessary narrow down the pool to a reasonable number. Your vehicles will then appear on the thread early/mid Wednesday and that thread will have a poll - You can vote for the vehicles based on appearance/cool factor/whether you like them or not/etc.

First, Second, Third will get points based on the number of votes they got, with bonus points (+5 votes for winning the battle) depending on a battle that happens at the end between First and Second. First gets 100% of their vote in points, Second 50%, third 30% (Rounded up). I'l announce the winner and points on the next thread (Friday).

At the end of a cycle (14 weeks), the person with the most points will be awarded a prize and the contest will be reset. The prize is special forum status, A ACB input/ouput of your choice or lua binding, and 4 From The Depths keys.


Lastly, for RP limits, you can enter submissions of any RP and then when First and Second fight, i'l do the closest approximation of RP. So if one submission is 600k or 400k and the other is 1 million, it'll be 2 of the first submission against 1 of the second. Oh, and if your submission is so big you cause FTD/my computer to crash, you just lose the fight. If both first and second do this, nobody gets battle points.

Vehicles are spawned 1000m away for the fight.

[Image: dzWJFIG.jpg]

Post submissions in this thread with ;

- What direction to face the vehicle relative to the opponent (Head-On, Broadside, away, etc)
- Spawn height
- RP Cost
- The Vehicles name
- Your name (If nessesary)
- Blueprint

- Images of the vehicle (Make them look nice! They are what i will use. 2 max)
- Video of the vehicle (One max)
- Some text describing what your submission is supposed to be.


This weeks theme

Airship! Literal flying ships, giant high flying hover craft, little blimps and zepplins, anything that could broadly fall under "Airship" is allowed. Airships are not supposed to be particularly fast, they are usually slow and lumbering.

(Tell me if i missed anything!)

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Weekly Contest #1 : Airship Aixtravaganza (+Weekly Contest Explanation) - by ScarletDevil - 2016-02-25, 10:10 PM

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