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Seta class gunboats

Yep, another gunboat the same day. This time, it took approximately 5 hours to make.
In addition, it took approximately 2 hours and a half to post it due to researching on it's historical information. That is LONG. You guys better be reading that too, because it takes a LONG time. Hopefully it's informative.
I'm mainly using simple auto-cannons as a replacement for machineguns. If I make a build with autocannons, they will be done with advanced guns.

It also performs much better than the Atami-class which I find odd as if I remember correctly, the Atami is the replacement.
Well even historically, it was better armed than Atami class.
The cost is more than Atami-class but still within affordability for early campaign. It have better performance, enough to take out Dusters at long ranges and other small crafts.
A issue I only realized afterward was that I based the waterline length with the overall length, so it's slightly longer than how I intended. Another thing, I based this mostly off of home-made models. I completely forgot I had box arts pictures of it which provided more detail... And probably a more historical paint job. I included them in to the sources and references section.

In-game specifications:
Blocks: 874
Cost: 83k RP
Length: 58m(waterline) 60m(overall)
Beam: 9m
Draft: 1.5m
Speed: 16 knots
Armaments: 2x 76.2mm gun and 2x simple autocannons

I only bothered to take one picture, it doesn't have much to show at other angles anyways, so one is enough.
[Image: seta_class_gunboats_by_afjklol-d9pghng.png]
Compares to:
[Image: AOS00045480_0_l.jpg]

Real life specifications:
Type: Gunboat
Built: 4
Displacement: 343t(Standard) 410t(full)
Length: 54.9(Waterline) 56.1(Overall)
Beam: 8.23m
Draft: 1.02m
Propulsion: two 2 cylinder reciprocating engines, 2 kampon boilers, 3 shafts with 2100 hp
Fuel: 74 tons of coal and 25 tons of oil
Speed: 16 knots
Range 1750 nm or 3240 km at 10 knots
Complement: 62
Armament: 2x 7.62cm/40 Type 11th year, 6x 7.7mm machineguns(Later 25mm autocannons)

[Image: seta_class_river_gunboat_by_darthpandanl-d99csvg.png]

The Seta-class gunboats were based off of the Toba class, carrying over a similar dimensions and layout. The class consisted of 4 boats, Seta, Katata, Hira, and Hozu. In 1921, the projected 2nd and 3rd ship of the class was named Katata and Hira respectively. That same year, Hira and Hozu was laid down on 15 August at Mistubishi shipyard, Kobe, Japan.
On 29 April 1922, Seta and Katata was laid down at Harima shipyard, Aioi, Japan.
The lead ship was launched on 30 June that same year and named Seta. Katata is launched on 16 July, also the same year and disassembled the same day to be shipped to Shanghai, China and arrives in January where she is re-laid down and reassembled. This is because the class had such a shallow draft, they risked capsizing at high seas.
Seta also gets disassembled for shipping after getting it's commanding officer assigned in 25 January 1923. Arrived in late 1923 and reassembling is completed in early 1924. Both were reassembled at Tunghwa Shipbuilding.
Hira is completed on August 1923 and disassembled for shipping to Hangkow, China. Hozu receives similar treatment on September, also to be shipped to Hangkow.
Both arrives in September 1923 and reassembled and tested by Yangtze engineering. Co
However, Hira departs for Wanhsien while Hozu heads up river. She passes by a anchored British Insect-class gunboat, HMS Cockchafer her crew logs their sighting.

[Image: aos04547_2.jpg?v=0000000001]
In Wanhsien, China Hira encounters HMS Cockchafer in which her captain pays a visit.
Later that year at Ichang, China, HMS Cockchafer accompanied by HMS Cricket is also visited by Hozu's captain.
All 4 boats get various CO changes.
In 1932, Seta is assigned to First China fleet.
In 1931, Hira and Hozu is located only 25 miles away during the Mukden incident. And immediately after the start of the Marco Polo Bridge incident, all 4 boats were present in guarding Japanese civilians as part of the 11th gunboat division.
The 11th gunboat disembarks the Special Naval Landing forces durign teh second battle of Shanghai.
With the increasing intensity of the conflict, Japanese citizens are evacuated on August 1937 by the 11th gunboat division which all 4 are part of.
The 11th gunboat division is then tasked with landing General Matsui Iwane's 3rd, 8th and 11th divisions at Liuhe, Wusong, and Chuanshakou.
Later that year, Kondo Eijiro's 11th gunboat division led by Ataka with a number of gunboats and couple destroyers attached, goes to Xiaguan, they return fire against Liu Zijang's entrenched forces. The Chinese routs.

Only Seta takes part in the battle of Madang and Jiujiang to sweep mines, lay buoys and conduct shore bombardment. The Chinese return fire and causes many casualties among the exposed crewmen. Despite this, they manage to land SNLF behind the fort and Madang falls.
Seta is then assigned back to First China Expeditionary fleet's 11th gunboat division.
They all then get their 7.7mm machineguns replaced with 13mm machineguns in 1940.
Hozu, Katata and Hira gets reassigned to First China Expeditionary fleet's China Area fleet in 1941. Meanwhile, Seta arrives at Hangkow, and is attached to Yangtze's upper river division and conducts patrols. All four are then reunited in 1942 to conduct mop-up operations at the Eastern outlet of Tung-Ting lake.
Seta, the same year gets attacked by the 14th airforce and 5 people are killed.

Seta and Katata gets all their weapons removed and used as shore batteries. In their stead, the get five 25mm autocannons with one 13mm machinegun remaining in 1943-1944. Seta gets attacked again on 6th of June by seven 14th airforce's P-40. Her No.2 gun, 13mm machinegun, search lights and wireless are damaged with 14 crewmen killed. 14 more are injured. She undergoes repair until July in Kiangnan Engineering and Dock Works.
Seta then conducts patrols with Yangtze upper river division again.
In 1943, First China Expeditionary fleet is deactivated, and all the boats are reassigned to Yangtze Special Base force.
September that year, Seta gets attacked again by P-40s but suffers no damage.
Hozu gets assigned to the Special base force's 22nd gunboat division.

In 1944, air attacks intensify, Seta and Katata gets attacked in May by P-51 Mustangs, only Katata gets damaged. Later that year, in June, Seta gets atatcked again by P-37 Lightnings but suffers no damage. Th 14th airforce eventually gets Seta in the stern with bombs, completely destroying it and made her unable navigate. She is towed to Shanghai for repairs that same day.
In october, Seta and Katata is reassigned to the Special Base force's 21st gunboat division.
Seta's repairs are completed afterwards. Losses starts to mount during the latter part of 1944, Hozu and Hira runs aground and gets bombed by Chinese aircrafts near Anking. Hozu sinks while Hira is left severely damaged. Repairs were nto attempted on Hira.
Similarly, Seta is completely destroyed by the 14th airforce with bombs.
Hozu and Hira is removed from the navy list on 10 May, 1945.
In spring of 1945, both sunken boats and badly damaged Hira were scrapped and any usable parts salvaged. Any usable armaments specifically on Seta was used as land-based weapons.
Katata gets bombed and is severely damaged, possibly even sunk but salvaged. SHe was the towed to Shanghai where her remaining functioning weapons were used to improve defenses.
By 12th August, Katata's hulk is badly damaged and rendered immobile but nonetheless afloat. 3 days later, she receives the notice for the termination of the conflict.
That same year, on 30th of September, Seta is officially removed from the navy list.
The sole survivor, Katata is ceded to China but was not accepted in to service. On 3rd of May, 1947, she was removed from the navy list and scrapped.

Sources and references:

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.blueprint   SetaClassGunboats.blueprint (Size: 74.49 KB / Downloads: 138)
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

Lots of work was put into this, I really like how much detail is on this. 10/10 man

Thank you for the compliment, it motivates me to make more.
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

Yah, Really Neat. Lesser known ships don't get enough love. Keep up the awesome work.
Lost are only those who give up on them selves.

(2016-01-28, 10:09 PM)Cairo1 Wrote: Yah, Really Neat. Lesser known ships don't get enough love. Keep up the awesome work.

Yea, I find that they need some more attention. One of the few goals of making these were to inform people of these more obscure ships.
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

Seta Gunboats are awesome. why I never thought about it.

This was pretty old... I'm working on remaking my gunboats. I got a few done already.
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

Well, at least someone took the burden of you to necro your own thread Big Grin

I am looking forward to see those redone Smile
(2018-03-12, 05:51 AM)Chunkblaster Wrote: @Lord O' Talons What Anime is that?

(2018-03-12, 01:22 PM)Lord O Talons Wrote: BM effects and docking stations.

---lolwhat Big Grin

I was more or less thinking of a new thread for all of them so it didn't matter all too much. and progress on remaking them is slow so yea...
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

I feel you there. Even though I slap together a working ship of my mini dreads size in an hour, tweaking it takes forever, even with clipboard functionality.

And I don't even decorate my ships all too much.

Well, at least most of the blocks used for decoration didn't change too much, so one still can use them as they were.
(2018-03-12, 05:51 AM)Chunkblaster Wrote: @Lord O' Talons What Anime is that?

(2018-03-12, 01:22 PM)Lord O Talons Wrote: BM effects and docking stations.

---lolwhat Big Grin

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