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[WF]Earth Raker Replacement

Is this in-game, or no?
(2016-03-30, 10:32 PM)Nick Smart Wrote: Metaladon is probably correct

I used to make submissions, like you, but then I fell in love with CRAM.....

(2016-03-11, 10:01 PM)Sir Metaladon Wrote: Is this in-game, or no?

Yes, yes it is Meta
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Awesome ship! Unfortunately the spin blocks that control the "meat grinders" are not working. I took a quick look at it but couldn't see what the issue is. If you hover over the spin block it actually says it's rotating at 30, but it's not moving. Currently the ship tries to ram the player, but damage is minimal since they're non-functioning. Anyway... just thought I'd drop in and give you a heads-up on it.

Was there an enemy ship spawned in as well? IIRC, it may only activate when enemies within range.
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

They should be spinning regardless of enemy presence. I'll check it.

Issue identified and dealt with. A single ram on each side of the main body was getting the tips of the rams on the flails caught, stopping them. Not sure how or when this happened since it had worked fine the last time I looked at it.

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