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HMAS - Striker - Destroyer

HMAS - Striker
[Image: elcmtIQ.png]

[Image: xcbNPd3.png]

[Image: TB6iORa]
Striker is an escorting vessel for large battleships or for scouting missions in hostile territory, This ship is only rated for combat against the deep water guard and Onyx watch, further retrofits are needed to be combat worthy against other factions, against the deepwater guard and onyx watch this ship is extremely effective though, capable of single handedly defeating 150 force count dwg squares with godly designs turned on, against the onyx watch if there are no ships like the Bulwark to be seen striker can take on around 100 force count fleets on its own.

x2 4 barrel 200mm cannons firing 50r/min.
x2 4 135mm cannons firing 100r/min.
x48 4 fuel frag/frag/emp missiles
x48 2 fuel frag/emp missiles.
Armoured hull ranging in thickness from 2-3 meters with extra wood buffer between.
Disruptive and reflective shielding on the entire hull and main weapons.
Wayyy too many AI mainframes that distract the enemy (Anyone else notice they have brains inside them?)
23m/s top speed.
10,000 engine power.
288,000 fuel storage.
528,000 metal storage.
528,000 natural storage.
48,000 scrap storage.
48,000 oil storage.
48,000 crystal storage.
Fully traversable interior with bridge, two missile rooms, 4 weapons rooms, 2 viewable ammo citadels, two engine rooms, two fuel/resource storage rooms. (Tight squeeze walking inside)

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